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But doesn't the FSB have to feed the GPU (hopefully soon to be PCI-Express) and maybe some other stuff in addition to memory? Maybe my understanding of computer engineering is off here. Bus speed is something we're currently way better at, so it just seems like (assuming the leaked info is correct) we're losing a big advantage.
OOOh OOOOOh I have a question!! Does this mean that instead of have 2 2.5GHz chips running on two separate 1.25GHz busses, there'll be two 3GHz cores running on a single shared 1GHz bus? Cause I think that would be a downgrade. If the new bus is 2.5 times slower -- lets say 2 times slower because there's only one bus worth of overhead now -- that means that the CPUs can only process half as much data. IIRC a significant chunk of...
Have you looked at any other guitars? I've got a strat... Fender's good, Fender's great, but there're other brands out there. Lately I've been thinking about thinking about (not a typo) getting a Schecter C-1 Classic. It really depends on the kind of music you're into. If you're into hard rock/metal/stuff like that, you should probably grab something with humbuckers. If pop/pop rock is more your style, then go for the single coils. If country is your bag, get something...
Yeah, don't use IE
A clean install should clear out any yellow tinting in the display preferences, so I'd say the problem likely isn't related to the OS (unless restarting in OS 9 or Linux fixes it). Since you tried a different monitor and still had the same problem, I'd say the issue is either in the video card or the monitor cable. Or maybe someone stuck a yellow bulb in your lamp.
LOL!! That's what I was just thinking
GarageBand's monitor feature has noticeable delay. Sometimes as much as an entire quarter note (at around 60BPM).
They're grayed out on my PMG4 as well.
So true...
My roommate just showed me a cool java game called Robocode. Me thinks this would be a great place to work on one's AI and/or strategery programming skills.
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