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I don't know which slot can pull 133MHz. However, 100MHz PCIX has more bandwidth than Gb Ethernet, so sticking your second network card in the slower slot shouldn't affect the performance of your network.
No, that's not the system. The system is that we vote, count the votes, decide who won, and move on with life without throwing hissy fits over who lost. Oh, BTW, yeah, I'm scared of the electronic voting machines too.
Trackpads work by measuring the change of capacitance that results when your finger touches (or gets very near) the pad. Those plastic styluses don't work because they don't conduct electricity the same way your body does.
Think before you post
Apple's Lossless Codec is, well, lossless. So the output is exactly the same as AIFF. If there was any difference, Apple wouldn't be allowed to call it lossless. Sweet setup, BTW. I can't vouch for your speakers because I haven't personally listened to them, but everything else you've got is really top-notch stuff.
Have you tried updating the firmware on the iPod? I think AAC came out after your iPod was released, so the original firmware might not support it.
Hehe, great episode It's from South Park, for those who don't know what we're talking about.
You forgot an "m"
Fun game . I found two bugs. First, in the tutorial, sometimes Zep would move one extra step after the dialog came up. As in the dialog would tell me to try making a block on the red thingy, but Zep had already walked past the red thingy (interestingly, I still couldn't make the box). Second, if you try to save the game while running it from a read-only volume, such as the disk image I downloaded, it says something about not being able to write something and crashes.
I found this over here, but it's several months old and the site claims it's not true anyway.
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