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[quote]Originally posted by Amorph: You missed the bombshell: No video. No OpenGL animation. No movies. No games. Not unless the monitor is, for all intents and purposes, a Mac.
Kinda sorta not really. For OpenGL you'd just need a fast video card and some to store all the textures locally. For movies you'd just need enough ram to buffer the clip, which would be much easier if the video card had hardware decoding (hmm... wasn't Raycer...
[quote]Originally posted by FormerLurker: Nope. The hard-core creative crowd (AKA the "normal" PowerMac crowd) will pay to push their pixels and render their frames faster - time is $$$$ !! Make a MP G5 running an optimized 10.2, and you'll not only get the current power-creative users to upgrade, you'll also get back those who defected over the last few years for the price/performance of NT on x86 but still really miss the elegance of their Macs. ROI is king...
[quote]Originally posted by BRussell: My guess is that if they do G5s, they'll stop with the duals. They'll be too expensive, and they just don't help most people very much.
Maybe for an MP G5 would be too much for the "normal" PowerMac crowd, but I bet they could get away with selling MP G5s as servers.
I seem to recall reading that RapidIO and HyperTransport are more complentary than competing technologies. IIRC, one is good for making mobos and the other is good for connecting stuff to mobos (or something like that). My memory is a bit foggy on this, though.
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