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 The thing that didn't keep up is RAM speeds. That is why designers went multicore rather than aiming for a single maximally fast instruction stream. Look up "memory wall". I wrote a summary of the problem a while back.
 Remember Michael Dell’s advice to Apple: close up shop and refund your stockholders?
Maybe Jobs didn’t like TV but he also disliked the Newton. And later came up with something that was conceptually in the same space that did pretty well.
Beat me to it. Spot the resemblance:I even found a green one to compare
In the last quarter, Apple sold about 74.5-million phones and about 21-million iPads. I can’t find a breakdown of Mac sales by model; the total was 5.5-million.   At the same time, Microsoft sold about 1-million Surfaces (approximately, they only report $$ not units).   I don’t see Apple panicking over those numbers. About 5% of iPad sales, let along cutting a bit into Macbook sales.   Still, good if things get a bit more competitive – though I see more interesting...
I must say, when I tried to use a Microsoft Surface in a shop, my impression was that Microsoft had designed a laptop you can%u2019t use on your lap. The keyboard connection was fragile, and you had to put it on a rigid surface to type. So I totally get the point that this keyboard is more usable -- maybe I will look into something like this at some stage. For me though the iPad is not that usable for content creation because touch doesn%u2019t work as well as the mouse...
Who wouldn't love failures like Apple's?
This whole article starts from the very questionable premiss that Samsung and Apple’s businesses are similar enough to compare advertising spend and draw conclusions without drilling down deeper.   Samsung is a massive conglomerate that makes everything from raw components to household appliances, many of which are businesses in which Apple has zero presence. You can’t compare their advertising spend with Apple’s unless you can break it down by division or sector.
 This is my point: they are increasingly designed to be hard to repair even if you are a trained technician. If you like that, fine. Just don't drop one or spill coffee on it.
New Posts  All Forums: