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 Not those with any sense. OpenCL is more portable.
I still say it’s a dalek. Especially when they do one of those disassembly views.
Looks like only 1 non-retina option now: 13". Do the new retina models all feature soldered-in RAM I wonder?
I tried MS keyboard covers and they didn't impress me. For a start, they require the Surface to be put on a .. wait for it .. surface. So you get a laptop you can't use on your lap. Then, typing on them wasn't great, Finally, they detached too easily from the main unit, with an unreliable connection. These were heavily used demo units in a general consumer electronics store but not that long after launch, so I expected better.   The invitation's use of the word "cover"...
Nothing beats the story about the Dell executive who after a string of dud presentations because of equipment failures said this won’t happen with me, and pulled out a Mac notebook.
I have one of the old white 17" iMacs and had to replace its HD. Some years ago it had a warrantee repair, and I don’t think even trained techies are too good at disassembly judging by what I found. The RF shielding around the edge was damaged (only so it looked untidy) and 1 of the 4 hard-to-reach recessed screws that was missing.   On the plus side, the iFixit instructions were pretty useful, with only minor details (possibly production mods) wrong.   I wouldn’t risk...
 My home machine has 12GB, and I don’t think that’s exceptional. 32 bits theoretically addresses 4GB and most real 32-bit systems are constrained to less than 4GB. For a phone, I agree it’s not clear now why you would want this unless Apple has some plan to integrate phones into some future distributed OS. On the other hand my entry-level cell phone has about as much RAM and CPU throughput as a first generation Cray, and who would have thought that necessary 40 years ago?
The real problem here is that the name makes it look as if it should cost five cents .   With carrier subsidy, it starts at $99. The real problem is that Apple is not addressing the prepaid market with an affordable option, which is what developing countries need. In South Africa, something like 97% of the population has a cell phone, and Nigeria is a huge market. Yet most of these people do not have the steady income to get a phone on a contract. Eventually an...
Here’s an early prototype:  
Why doesn’t anyone else see this?   It’s a Dalek.
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