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Wind has a capacity factor of about 30% (meaning you get about a third of its rated capacity, allowing that peak demand may not coincide with windy weather). So storing energy a relatively inefficient way may make sense for wind. What's missing in the patent is any indication of efficiency, and generally, conversion between rotational energy and thermal energy is pretty inefficient. This only makes any kind of sense if you only generate the heat when the wind is blowing...
  Back in the 19th century when the US was a developing country and Dickens was the fastest-selling English-language author, the US didn't recognize UK copyrights, and his work was widely distributed in the US without royalties. It worked for the US, why not China?
Quite. iOS is at core a port of OS X to a new platfom, with a fair amount stripped out. No confusion, because it has a different name. The common branding is the Apple logo. Why is Microsoft unable to leverge their own name and logo as a brand? Windows is only one of many products they sell.
To put in context how silly this is: imagine if Apple had launched the MacPad, a tablet that ran a munged mix of Mac apps (but only those ported to a new CPU) and touch-screen apps. Can't imagine this? Luckily, neither could anyone at Apple. Microsoft doesn't lack imagination. The problem is they have the wrong kind.
Weird how this story spread with so many misconceptions (not all in this article and comments). eBay doesn't run stores. eBay customers can set up stores. It's not at all unusual to sell through eBay at a fixed price, rather than an auction. It's very unlikely Apple set this up themselves because they'd have to charge sales tax in every state where they operate (probably all states).   The seller specifically claims the items are "Apple certified refurbished" which...
  I've put an SSD into my MacBook and am awaiting delivery of RAM upgrades for the same MacBook and two iMacs. One motivation: knowing that the newer Macs are even harder to open and upgrade. Ironically the fact that Apple is making newer models even harder to take apart is increasing my tendency to upgrade rather than buy a newer faster model and sell the older ones to less demanding users.
  If you can find one. I bought my 27" from a dealer just after a speed bump and it was a great deal.
Making it thinner is great, but is it still a massive disassembly job to change the hard drive? My 27" had to go in for the 1TB recall program and I would have been way happier if I Could have just popped the case myself and put in the replacement drive rather than have the service people insist on sending it in.
  This is a bit unfair. The point of a Swiss army knife is that the individual tools are generally quite good. Microsoft has produced a US army knife.
  I suppose you think anyone can speak Aramaic?
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