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  So 90% of blocked web traffic will now originate from iPads?
  Something you can't fix with more platters: rotational latency. On average you wait half a rotation before the disk head is at the data you want and a faster rotation rate reduces that delay. More platters can speed up transfer time but that only helps with bigger transactions. 5400rpm = 90r/s, i.e., half a rotation takes 5.6ms. 7200rpm = 120r/s and half a rotation takes 4.2ms. By contrast, at 1Gbit/s, it takes 0.03ms to transfer 4KB, so moving the transfer rate up or...
  Is it just me or does anyone else agree that iPad 4 is really the big announcement, not iPad mini? Mini may turn out too expensive to take on the huge bottom-feeder market for low-cost devices that Amazon and Samsung already own. This one is the Surface killer. This review http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/tablets/microsoft-surface-1085839/review says “Microsoft is intending to go toe-to-toe with the Cupertino brand in the tablet arena”. No doubt the way they did...
  Yes, suck profits from the competition.   When does Apple get big enough to be subject to anti-trust? Maybe they will let Microsoft live just so they can dodge that bullet.
Some people are paid to guess. Unless they have done a poll of survey that's all it is.   You can’t e.g. base this off what happened when Apple launched flash-based iPods vs. disk-based ones because the functionality trade-off is different. Where the comparison does apply is some other paid guessers claiming that Apple can’t do that well in this market because it’s already “saturated”. There’s a good reason most of the competition is in the smaller device space. Apple...
So much speculation with no official announcement. What will Apple stock do if nothing happens?
  5 pages of comments and so many specifics over a table that someone could easily have faked. Has Apple even announced what the 23 October event is about? Has Apple even confirmed it's happening? All I've seen so far is rumours.   Interesting take on where Microsoft is going with the Surface here: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/technology/micwright/100008016/on-the-eve-of-the-ipad-mini-microsoft-admit-that-apple-was-right/ – I'm even more skeptical that that will go anywhere.
  Only many times they are. You have software to ship to a deadline and a list of bugs you haven't eliminated. You have to decide if any are show stoppers. You've never developed serious software if you think this never happens. Not only with software. You're designing a car and there's a list of flaws you can't eliminate in time for the launch. Guess what happens. No one has ever engineered a perfect product; the better engineering teams get closer to eliminating all...
"eked out"? I think you mean "edged out".
I've been reading stories around the net about how Apple doesn't have the same magic without Jobs but if you drill down to the detail, they are saying much the same stuff as when Steve was around. The reality distortion field is now in the heads of the detractors.
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