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So much speculation with no official announcement. What will Apple stock do if nothing happens?
  5 pages of comments and so many specifics over a table that someone could easily have faked. Has Apple even announced what the 23 October event is about? Has Apple even confirmed it's happening? All I've seen so far is rumours.   Interesting take on where Microsoft is going with the Surface here: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/technology/micwright/100008016/on-the-eve-of-the-ipad-mini-microsoft-admit-that-apple-was-right/ – I'm even more skeptical that that will go anywhere.
  Only many times they are. You have software to ship to a deadline and a list of bugs you haven't eliminated. You have to decide if any are show stoppers. You've never developed serious software if you think this never happens. Not only with software. You're designing a car and there's a list of flaws you can't eliminate in time for the launch. Guess what happens. No one has ever engineered a perfect product; the better engineering teams get closer to eliminating all...
"eked out"? I think you mean "edged out".
I've been reading stories around the net about how Apple doesn't have the same magic without Jobs but if you drill down to the detail, they are saying much the same stuff as when Steve was around. The reality distortion field is now in the heads of the detractors.
HP won the printer market because Apple, during their bozone layer management phase, dropped the ball. Although Apple was never that great on inkjet printers, they had far superior laser printers for the same reason they own markets they now dominate: they had the best software. One of Jobs's biggest mistakes was getting out of the Postscript printer market; that was a real cash cow and could have easily been pushed into the Windowa user space (much as the iPad was),...
Why should this be a secret? Developer membership is inexpensive (it starts at free) and Apple presumably wants cases and accessories to be designed properly. Here's another example: https://developer.apple.com/resources/cases/Case-Design-Guidelines.pdf
I'm not sure if I understand the CA jury system, since I live in a country that doesn't do juries. I did live in Australia for a while and served on a jury there once on a criminal case, and we had clear instructions not to consider anything we knew from anywhere but the courtroom, and to keep the jury room deliberations confidential.   The first part appears to apply in this trial, so a mistrial could be a problem. There's also a pretty good reason to maintain jury-room...
If Microsoft likes squares, how about arranging them into a cube? That's slightly more of a catch-up on Steve:  
  Sigh. You beat me to it. Apple = cool. Microsoft = squares. How 1960s.
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