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  If I were a tablet maker, my next move would be to lock in Android as my platform. Why would you want to compete with M$ when they are selling the hardware and software when there's another established open platform?   Oh yes, and if you want an iPad with a skinny keyboard that turns it into a lightweight notebook, it already exists:   While the new thing may be better in execution, this review confirms one of my suspicions of this class of device: a thin keyboard...
You beat me to it. My thoughts exactly. They've reinvented the notebook as a device you can't use on your lap top.  
But seriously, Apple built their comeback OS on tried and tested UNIX-based underpinnings. If MS is going to get into the game they would be better off adopting a workable platform and putting value add into something other than the underlying system, e.g. do what Amazon did with Android, though it's hard to see where they would start in terms of a compelling offering on content.
Let's see now. iPod resulted in iPad so Zune results in Zene
I don't care that much myself about a new pro or iMac because the iMac I have now is still good for a few years of use. For those buying new ones though I hope Apple gets rid of the stupid reflective screen. If I want to see my face I'll use a mirror, and annoying reflections off windows that otherwise are well positioned for natural light are idiotic. A design made to look good in the shop, not in practical use.
I'm surprised McDonalds turns over their inventory so fast. I mean it's not like they sell something perishable like food.
I'm not so sure about the comparison with Edison. The only real similarity is a genius for self-promotion. Edison set the US back decades because he didn't understand AC. That sounds more like Bill Gates than Steve Jobs :(   Jobs may have made some very significant mistakes but on the whole he knew to use the best talent available for the stuff he didn't understand.   Although he took the original Mac project a long way from Jef Raskin's original concept, the...
Typo: "destruction of the charter". If you're going to do a copy and paste of someone else's article, get it right. The original article is well worth a read. Apple has a long tradition of better than average power supply design (but sometimes faulty implementation). The original 128K Mac was known for a blue smoke display, followed by the nothing works feature. This was in part because Jobs hated fans, and a small error in soldering (or possibly overheating) could cause...
  Elephant in the room.   Why is no one talking about Microsoft as a player? I don't think it's anything about timing of a new version of Windows Mobile. Nokia's adoption of Windows Mobile is widely seen as akin to queueing for the last lifeboat on the Titanic.   This is a huge change in the industry. A whole new sector is opening up in a big way, and the biggest player in the old mass market is nowhere in sight. We're arguing about whether it's a fight between Apple and...
  I found it pretty jarring hearing that American accent in front of the Brisbane river backdrop. But Aussies are pretty tolerant of foreigners.
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