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You swipe your finger across the phone... really hard dude.
I wonder how well it handles the elements?
Do you mean "(knock)ia"? lol
Finally, something I agree with!
  The problem isn't the politicians in office, it's the people who voted them in.
  Yep, its getting scary isn't it?
Yes, Bush and his "Patriot act" was a disaster, but then again so was Clinton's "carnivore" email spying program.  The government has been utilizing the latest technology to spy on people for a long time.  It's not exclusive to either party.
VCR? What's a VCR? ;-)
****checks self in mirror**** Damnit! I kinda like this bill!! I want to hate it so friggin bad, especially coming from the dunderhead McCain, but I can't help myself:-)
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