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Not by a long shot. A. There are still parts of HTML 5 that have not been completed B. There is still certain things that flash does much better, like hardware acceleration C. Flash is still used EVERYWHERE D. HTML 5 hasnt achieved candidate stage for recommendation before W3C E. The only people preaching up the end of Flash are fanboys who weren't even making said predictions until Steve Jobs adopted HTML 5. HTML 5 wont really see mass adoption for many years. Thats a...
I have a phenom 2 setup now with an Asus board and I have ZERO stability issues. I have left my computer on for days and had no crashes. I havent even seen a blue screen since Windows 7. I think this is a fantastic move for Apple and might give me the ability to buy some of their products. I love Apple but I dont love the current cost and this might be a great and wonderfully awesome most incredible absolutely fan-frickin-tastic move!!
good luck when you want to look something up on the web when your in a call...
Its called unions...
Really???? Hmmmm, I have a G1 with Tmobile, and I use data apps all the time while talking on the phone. I think you've gotten some bad info.
I've had a DS for over a year now, and I like many of the games on there. However Ive been playing with my sisters ipod and the games are really fun, and look very good. The controls are very fluid, and work extremely well. In fact I think the graphics on the really good ipod games are way better than my ds. Id like to own both platforms at one point.
I think from now on, companies should be required to sue in their own state. The only reason they are suing in the eastern district of Texas, is because they know they have a chance of an easy win. If they truly had a case, then they could bring the case anywhere, including in their own state. This is a travesty of justice and these little money grubbing worms should be stamped out like the menaces to society that they are!
This was a long time coming! Come one fanboys, how stupid is it that the freakin iPhone is the ONLY one in the industry right now that doesnt have MMS. ATT and Apple really dropped the ball on this one.
I know its easy to hate on Microsoft and boast about how they deserved this, but the fact of the matter is this is another stupid lawsuit. I hate to actually side with Micro$oft on this one, but I do. How in the hell can you patent something like XML?!
This will solve all of these bogus "patents". One simple rule. In order to patent something, you must have a working model to present to the patent office. No more of this patenting an idea, and just sitting on it to make money off of something that you were too lazy to create!
New Posts  All Forums: