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I know its easy to hate on Microsoft and boast about how they deserved this, but the fact of the matter is this is another stupid lawsuit. I hate to actually side with Micro$oft on this one, but I do. How in the hell can you patent something like XML?!
This will solve all of these bogus "patents". One simple rule. In order to patent something, you must have a working model to present to the patent office. No more of this patenting an idea, and just sitting on it to make money off of something that you were too lazy to create!
("He wouldn't enter into a discussion of what the stores themselves would resemble other than to say they wouldn't copy Apple. ") Oh no, that picture doesnt look like an apple store at all! *rolls eyes*
This is becoming like elvis sightings! LOL!
Great, now when the person gets their pc without IE, how are they going to go get firefox, safari, chrome or whatever browser they DO want? Typical beuracrats with their heads up their collective asses!
Because some people just want to browse the web, check email, view pictures, and write documents. As much as I like macs, cheap pc's do have their place. BTW they dont even need windows to do those things. Ubuntu would work great for most people.
One word... eMusic!
I wonder if I can patent a fart then every time Steve Jobs breaks wind I could sue apple for intellectual property rights?
[QUOTE=MacOutlaw;1390462]Right. So, Momma filed suit. She's gonna hafto prove her case, for her child. God bless her. I'm an Apple fan. But, if they hurt my child, both of which, and their spouses have Apple's, hurt them, or my grandchild? By no fault of their own? Apple will Pay! Why? Because, IT's the LAW! Like it or not. It's not demorcrank, or repulicank. It's the law of tort. You stupid f'n fan boys! I am far from being a fanboy. A. I own a...
Like your one to talk... It's always the "evil corporations" with you liberals. Anyone with half a brain (liberal or conservative) can see something fishy with this story. I haven't heard anything else about any other ipods. So either it is a freak accident, or the i pod was mishandled somehow. How about people in this country stop looking for an easy buck through the already overwhelmed court system?!
New Posts  All Forums: