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Now it is going to cost me to upgrade my music to remove the DRM? Thats a move I would expect out of Microsoft, not Apple. Oh well. I am going to start getting more music from emusic!
Then why wait so damn long. Microsoft and Apple have done it for years. Hell even Linux does it with both Gnome and KDE. Why not sue the maker of Ubuntu and Fedora. I have serious doubts as to the validity of the case.
a g r e e d ! ! ! :-)
OK, if the patent wasn't approved until this past March, then in the meantime how could anyone have infringed upon a patent that didn't exist until now. It is not officially patented until it is approved right?
Meanwhile... Microsoft's marketshare slowly starts slipping away...
There are people around the office where I work that get along great with the iphone within the company. I agree though that Apple needs competition to stay on top of things. I personally will probably be getting an android phone because I am not about to switch from T-Mobile. ATT is the overpriced joke.
Record breaking mac sales, increases in market share forthcoming. Could someone please tell me what it takes for these pinheaded pricks in the stock market to Buy and not Sell Apple stock?
Do you know anything about the price and makeup of components? I do, and I would be glad to take you to school.
So does this mean I can buy an old model iphone, follow the unlocking instructions from ATT and use it on T-Mobile?
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