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Record breaking mac sales, increases in market share forthcoming. Could someone please tell me what it takes for these pinheaded pricks in the stock market to Buy and not Sell Apple stock?
Do you know anything about the price and makeup of components? I do, and I would be glad to take you to school.
So does this mean I can buy an old model iphone, follow the unlocking instructions from ATT and use it on T-Mobile?
This is precisely the reason why I will NOT be getting an iPhone just to deal with AT&Ts bullcrap! I am probably going to piss off people ion this board but I hope Apple suffers from this exclusive deal so they me able to learn from their mistake. They could really wipe the map with customers if they opened up their iphone to more carriers. AT&T will just continue to jack up their price and continue cutting service. I bet when you call for support you get some second...
Reason number 326 I am sticking with T-Mobile! Poo on Apple and an extra helping of Poo for AT&T!
I mean both GSM carriers.
Why doesnt Apple just sell the iphone with both carriers and then they wouldnt have that problem?!
Just imagine what kind of sales Apple could generate if they released the iphone for all the carriers. I personally refuse to be locked into ATT! I will just get a blackberry instead and continue to use Tmobile. Apple will not ever overtake RIMM with the ATT exclusive crap!
I think Apple needs to sell the iphone for other carriers and allow it to be unlocked. AT&Ts rates are ridiculously high. I wanted to get an iphone so bad, but I absolutely refused to be locked into AT&T, so I went with T-Mobile. I was not about to risk a $400 investment and try to hack it so I could get it unlocked. I think Apples exclusivity with ATT is a bad move. They could open the doors up to a much wider audience if they allowed the phone to be unlocked!
Good idea, and I think the easiest way to achieve that is by putting an expiration date on any patent you file, so if you dont do anything with it, you lose.
New Posts  All Forums: