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Why would that not surprise me?
The imac has a desktop hard drive in it, although other things in there are "laptop" components, the Hard Drive is most definately a normal desktop hard drive. I can back that up if any smart a#$#$@es want to debate with me on that! Show me a laptop hard drive that has a capacity of 250 gigs or even 500 gigs!
Since when does a laptop processor have a ZIFF socket?http://www.powermax.com/articles_rev...icle.php?id=17
Actually the imac is an all in one desktop computer. There are no laptop parts in it. I have used one and it performs beautifully! The Mac mini, although using laptop drives, uses full size RAM.
Perhaps they are merged visually but not in funcionality. They still act very separate from eachother. I never did like Itunes for Windows, Nor did I like Quicktime for windows, but I blame that more on Windows than Apple. Windows just does not funtion very well in asthetics or in funcionality period. Heck, even Microsoft Office is ten times better on the Mac than it is in Windows! I use windows everyday, not because I enjoy it, but because I have to for work. I love...
I have sir! I can also resolve all of your so called "issues for under 100 bucks. Actually I HAVE gotten everything on that list of yours for under 100. Not for an imac but for my Powerbook! I have a firewire external enclosure for a 200 gig Maxtor hard drive, and a backup copy of Mac os X tiger onto so I can boot from it in case of emergencies, and for backup reasons. I have a 15 in one external USB 2.0 Card reader, and a powered USB hub (which is just as good as...
Upgrades that take several years to even debut on the market? Somehow I doubt that very seriously. Although many buy the upgrades many more get the upgraded OS next time they buy a newer computer.
Do you really honestly think that Mom and Dad, even the Kids, go to Dell, Gateway, or HP and ask for a computer and say to the sales clerk that they want to make sure that their machine is preloaded with Windows??? 95% (as you put it) of people use Windows because it came preloaded. Most people dont give a rats $$%$@%! what their computer is running as long as it fills their need. Seriously, when is the last time you saw heavy advertisement for Windows??? Microsoft...
1. I have compared apple's price for every single machine against everything offered by Dell, HP, and Gateway. I have found Apple's machines to be either the exact same price, higher by maybe 10 or 15 bucks, or significantly lower. They are pricing there machines right in line with other machines with exact same specs. The experience from Apple's machines, I have found, are often much better than that of the other competitors, who, when you need to phone for support,...
Actually Apple has a 5.8% marketshare among desktops and 12% among Notebooks. Please stay current on marketshare people! It is growing and your going to look silly spouting 3% when Apple grows to 20% :-) Other than that I think your right on! :-)
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