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You are not going to find a system priced $600 retail that will prop up a geforce 8800GT. Even if you did you are talking about bottleneck city. While your at it why dont you put an outboard motor on your yacht, or a car engine in your private jet.
If Apple only allows Mac os X to run on a mac, then wouldn't that represent a similar boost in their mac sales?
It seems Texas has a rogue judge in Marshall. That according to an article about the MP3 suit that was filed, seems to be the favorite court for these patent suits. I don't want to let one judge or one court, or hell, even one small little town ruin Texas' entire image. Just like I wouldn't let San Francisco, or LA ruin California's image;-) joking... link to articlehttp://www.infoworld.com/article/07/...awsuits_1.html
No, actually the article says Ohio this time. I think what happens is there are obscure companies who are looking to make a quick buck, so they buy out these patents and try for a lawsuit. Its just a hunch, I could be wrong. If anyone has better info, I am definately all ears! BTW, I am from and currently reside in Texas, and I have no idea why in the world so many frivolous patent suits are coming out of my state. This, I would expect out of California, but...
Have you checked out http://www.sybase.com/partner/mac. I dont know much about that kind of software but I just typed "enterprise database management solutions for mac" into google. and the above website came up.
And AMEN!!!! And did I mention AMEN!
Direct X is a typical resource hog. Open GL (which Apple adopted) is far more effiecient and runs much better than Direct X. Also given that Direct X is native to Microsoft Windows, I dont expect Apple to Adopt it, and why should they?! Open GL is a far far better standard.
I dont think anyone with half a mind expects a role reversal. However, what I and many others are hoping for is enough gain in Apple's marketshare to garner additional developers for the Mac OS X, and help close the gap between Mac and Windows as far as software availability is concerned. That would be a major victory, and one which could be achieved at a mere 15-20%, which I think is a goal very reasonable and attainable by Apple.
I have Leopard 9A321 installed (the beta released in December). If you would like to see some screenshots, post to here what you would like to see and I will be more than happy to oblige. --Eric
Why would that not surprise me?
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