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Yes, Bush and his "Patriot act" was a disaster, but then again so was Clinton's "carnivore" email spying program.  The government has been utilizing the latest technology to spy on people for a long time.  It's not exclusive to either party.
VCR? What's a VCR? ;-)
****checks self in mirror**** Damnit! I kinda like this bill!! I want to hate it so friggin bad, especially coming from the dunderhead McCain, but I can't help myself:-)
The burden of proof is on the accuser.
Armchair "experts"... gotta love 'em!
Why is the USB 3 limited to 2.5gbps?
Interviewer: "So, what are your plans for a blackberry tablet?" Thorsten Heins: "Tablets? We don't need no stinking tablets!"
If the app developers want a platform that they dont ever have to update to accomodate larger screens, they need to stick with android.   Look at the state of tablet apps for android, they're practically non-existant.
In other words the design chief has no real reason for the decision to make all of their phones out of cheap fischer price plastic. Don't give me this "durable" nonsense. Look at any drop test, Samsung phones are not nearly as durable as they claim. That plastic breaks much too easily.
Better late than never:-)
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