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Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to change that. Im actually running a MBPro early 2011 model now. Im running Mountain Lion.
I actually like windows 8. I don't say nice things about Windows very often, but I actually like what Microsoft has been doing lately.
As I said on another thread... Much ado about nothing.
No I'm not, I am very happy with my 2011 Macbook Pro.  I was simply pointing out that Apple makes this big deal of their so called black friday sales when they're anything but.
I too am tired of all of the bullcrap from both parties.
The businesses will just pass the extra cost on to the consumer.
Apples so called "black Friday" amounts to 20 bucks off of a MacBook Pro. Much ado about nothing.
The Galaxy S3 is also very crash prone. I know several people with galaxy's and they are all having a random reboot issue. It's also all over the web. I like android as well as ios but the galaxy s3 to me is junk.
not a good idea
and only a handful of those android apps are optimized for tablets nearly 2 years since the introduction of the Xoom.
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