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So it IS a Trojan. Jeeze the tech media is so ready for a virus to hit macs they don't even recognize the difference anymore!
I wonder where "solipsism x" and "mister me" are right now? Surely they would like to weigh in on the mac virus debacle. Perhaps they are too busy eating crow right now.
It's a growing entitlement mentality. I agree it's getting ridiculous.
I preferred the old interface as well. It was much more organized.
Outside of a family member dying, I have never been so moved by the passing of someone. Steve Jobs' passion and flare will be sorely missed. I know it may sound crazy but I was shocked and tearful when I heard the news. RIP Steve Jobs
http://www.sonnettech.com/product/th...olt/index.html Sonnet Technologies is releasing a PCI express card enclosure that connects via thunderbolt.
In many states, including Texas, it is against state law for a company to charge extra for using a credit or debit card. THAT is probably the real reason for them backing down.
I wonder why scammers are trying so hard to target Apple users? Hmmmm... I wonder if maybe it's because they are growing in number? Granted none of these attacks are actual viruses and that the mac platform will never see anything remotely close to the level of filth that Windows users have to deal with everyday, but still one has to admit...
Wouldn't that be same thing just about?
Why isn't this available in the U.S. ?
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