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Good idea! I'm right behind you:-)
If Apple lets Unions in you can say goodbye to customer service. Walk up to a unionized Apple Genius... "I'm sorry sir, I'm not the one that handles the RAM issues, you'll have to see the motherboard specialist". Not to mention the demand for higher wages, contract negotiations, etc. That will drive the cost of Apple products even higher. I like Apple the way it is. No thanks.
I say not.
I say we fire that judge of the court in Eastern Texas.
Except for the fact this is not a virus. It's social engineering.
If you answer your door and let a burglar in to rob you blind, do you blame the landlord for not building a better security system? A fortress cannot protect anyone from stupidity.
Aren't batteries made with polymers? At least partially...
I use GIMP, and I've become quite proficient at it. It runs photoshop plugins and opens photoshop project files as well. Best of all its free.
Because that guys post was an obvious ruse to make macs look just as vulnerable.
Let me know when the mac gets a virus or spyware. Any moron with half a brain could write a program that deletes a folder, and fool some really naive person into running it. No computer on this earth is safe from that. So I now you think this is one of those "gotcha" moments, but, you fail!
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