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Actually maybe you should read first. It's going to run Android 2.2, be heavily customized, and stripped of an android market. Epic fail!
What a bore! Another haphazardly thrown together piece of garbage with an outdated version of Android that wont even run Android apps. I cant believe Amazon thinks this is even remotely a good idea.
Everyone comes to that particular court in the Eastern district of Texas, because the judge there almost always rules in favor of the Plaintiff in patent cases. I think a company should be limited to their state when suing. That would get rid of most of this nonsense.
The majority of mac users usually lean a bit to the left so it stands to reason that the people on this board probably do as well:-)
I've never been hired by a poor person. In fact I am currently employed by a very generous wealthy man, and I hold no grudges against him. Nor do I constantly envy any of his wealth or property.
Didn't the Palm Pilot do this in the 90's? What about Windows Mobile? This seems a little strange to me.
OK, I usually don't like government sticking their nose where it doesn't freakin belong (like it always does), however... I will have to play the hypocrite and say that I hope to God the FTC actually does get this industry killing merger blocked. T-Mobile was the only cellphone company that believed in fair prices and the openness in the Android operating system. T-Mobile phones remain as some of the best and un-dicked with mobile phones in the industry. Also T-mobile...
"*Plan price includes $20 unlimited data. Unlimited high-speed data access (2 GB at up to 4G speeds on capable devices). If you use up your 2 GB of high-speed data, we will automatically reduce your speeds for the rest of your billing cycle. That means you will never have to worry about data overages. "
That was badass! That was like a very well dramatized short story. You should start writing;-) Seriously though, that was actually good... real good!
I'm not worried about much. As people have pointed out, its a trojan, not a virus. However, as the marketshare grows I'm sure hackers are going to try a little harder to get through OS X's thick shell.
New Posts  All Forums: