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What a bore! Another haphazardly thrown together piece of garbage with an outdated version of Android that wont even run Android apps. I cant believe Amazon thinks this is even remotely a good idea.
Everyone comes to that particular court in the Eastern district of Texas, because the judge there almost always rules in favor of the Plaintiff in patent cases. I think a company should be limited to their state when suing. That would get rid of most of this nonsense.
The majority of mac users usually lean a bit to the left so it stands to reason that the people on this board probably do as well:-)
I've never been hired by a poor person. In fact I am currently employed by a very generous wealthy man, and I hold no grudges against him. Nor do I constantly envy any of his wealth or property.
Didn't the Palm Pilot do this in the 90's? What about Windows Mobile? This seems a little strange to me.
OK, I usually don't like government sticking their nose where it doesn't freakin belong (like it always does), however... I will have to play the hypocrite and say that I hope to God the FTC actually does get this industry killing merger blocked. T-Mobile was the only cellphone company that believed in fair prices and the openness in the Android operating system. T-Mobile phones remain as some of the best and un-dicked with mobile phones in the industry. Also T-mobile...
"*Plan price includes $20 unlimited data. Unlimited high-speed data access (2 GB at up to 4G speeds on capable devices). If you use up your 2 GB of high-speed data, we will automatically reduce your speeds for the rest of your billing cycle. That means you will never have to worry about data overages. "
That was badass! That was like a very well dramatized short story. You should start writing;-) Seriously though, that was actually good... real good!
I'm not worried about much. As people have pointed out, its a trojan, not a virus. However, as the marketshare grows I'm sure hackers are going to try a little harder to get through OS X's thick shell.
Funny you should make that analogy, because Nintendo has admitted that they are losing millions of dollars to people buying ipod touches for games. Games, I might add, that are as good or better than many of nintendo's offerings.
New Posts  All Forums: