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OK, I usually don't like government sticking their nose where it doesn't freakin belong (like it always does), however... I will have to play the hypocrite and say that I hope to God the FTC actually does get this industry killing merger blocked. T-Mobile was the only cellphone company that believed in fair prices and the openness in the Android operating system. T-Mobile phones remain as some of the best and un-dicked with mobile phones in the industry. Also T-mobile...
"*Plan price includes $20 unlimited data. Unlimited high-speed data access (2 GB at up to 4G speeds on capable devices). If you use up your 2 GB of high-speed data, we will automatically reduce your speeds for the rest of your billing cycle. That means you will never have to worry about data overages. "
That was badass! That was like a very well dramatized short story. You should start writing;-) Seriously though, that was actually good... real good!
I'm not worried about much. As people have pointed out, its a trojan, not a virus. However, as the marketshare grows I'm sure hackers are going to try a little harder to get through OS X's thick shell.
Funny you should make that analogy, because Nintendo has admitted that they are losing millions of dollars to people buying ipod touches for games. Games, I might add, that are as good or better than many of nintendo's offerings.
True, if your talking about E-ink devices. However the nook color WAS intended to be more tablet like. It has a full color touchscreen and is a very similar form-factor to the iPad. It runs a bastardized version of android, and has the android market completely stripped out. It was slow, laggy and very poor even for an e-reader. IMO, for a dedicated E-reader I think the kindle is tops. For an all around tablet, the iPad smokes the competition.
Thats gonna require alot of aluminum;-)
I have used a couple of android phones. I spent 1 1/2- 2 years with the OS, and while I do like some things better like the notifications, I became very annoyed with the very things mentioned in this article. Android is slow, cumbersome, laggy, and unstable. It also makes little use of external memory for apps, giving you a limited 512KB of internal memory for app storage. "apps2sd" is very limited and only allows parts of the applications to be installed on Sd card...
I believe Google has realized that 100 different versions of their OS configured for hundreds more devices creates problems when trying to program for Android. The more customized versions of android there are, the more test devices a developer has to buy in order to assure his application is going to work. I think at this point, a unified Android is much more important than "openness" in order to ensure stability of the operating system. I think this is a good move by...
Oh I know. You're right, both parties keep trying to get us involved in the middle east when we should just stay the heck out, and let the 3rd century throwbacks fight amongst themselves. I was just simply pointing out the previous poster's inconsistencies in his erroneous data. Regardless of the semantics surrounding our endless middle east meddling, we need to stop. It will never get us anywhere.
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