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That wouldnt work..Companies like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Epix, and CinemaNow, thrive on their customers having unlimited access to their home broadband. That would seriously jeopardize their business and I think we would see a major revolt.
There were plenty of threats to windows 98, and any windows 98 software could run fine on XP. It didnt take much effort to create a windows XP program(including virii) that would run on a 98 system. The attention would shift towards the newer system for obvious reasons. Eventually XP became a widely used and much loved OS. You cant treat each version of windows like its an entirely new OS. It was all either based upon the 9x kernel or the NT kernel. I am only saying...
I stand corrected, however I have a little history lesson for you.Back when Apple had a 5% market-share in the 1980s, there was Commodore, Apple, Atari, Amiga, Texas Instruments (and later, IBM) among others all competing for the desktop space. Any of the software produced for any of these machines was compatible only with the computer it was designed for. It was a very different time, and for Apple to have commanded 5% of a market that was dominated by hobbyists and...
I had a G3 tower for many years and ran OS 8.0, 8.5, 9.0 and the very first version of OS X. I never caught, nor did I ever hear about a single virus. I would like to know where you get your information from. Also, lets just say you ARE correct. Mac OS X has one single proof of concept "virus" and this recent "trojan". I still have yet to see anything remotely within even 5% of the malware, spyware, viruses, worms, and trojans available for windows. So, please, cite...
Any television over 40 inches benefits greatly from blu-ray quality.
Netgear CEO bitches about Apple? LOL! Mr Lo, your products are inferior pieces of crap! I have owned 2 netgear routers, and both had to be restarted at LEAST every couple of days! Netgear makes bottom shelf, low-end pieces of hardware that barely last a year. I spent the extra dough to get an Airport extreme base station. Ive had it for 2 months, and I have not had to mess with it AT ALL! So, Mr. Lo, please do a few things, A. Pull your head out of your...
I am the webmaster for 2 sites, and after all the time I spent getting audio, and video on the website, I am disappointed in Googles decision and I am not changing a damn thing! Google can suck it! They are being hardheaded, stupid, and ignorant, and I'll just drop support for Chrome from my websites!
Meanwhile the federal government is using red light cameras, full body scanners, spying on your phone calls and emails, trying to control what you feed your children, how cold you keep your a/c, what you say and do in public, and yet, somehow, all this goes un noticed and no one seems to give a shit. yet when a "big bad evil corporation" wants some advertising revenue, the fit hits the shan!
I work for a printing company that runs off of xserves. All of our desktop computers, save for one, are macs.
The music and movie industry doesnt give a crap about the consumer. They are antiquated relics of a time gone buy. They are stuck in the 20th century and would never go for something like this. Thats why they are losing sales, and why the independent labels are growing in spades. Its time for Warner Music, BMG, Sony and the like to go the way of the dinosaur and let modern technology flourish!
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