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I think that machine was made before Apple started using autosensing ethernet ports, and assuming your windows PC doesn't have one either (very possible), you may be using the wrong type of cable. If you are connecting the cable directly from the PC to the iMac you need to use a crossover cable, not a regular ethernet cable. They look identical, but the crossover cable has some pins swapped around to enable direct connections without a hub. You can order an adapter that...
I am able to order through the ATT site, but they are saying availability in 14-21 days... guess I'll wait for Apple. 
Oddly enough, I am having the exact same problem. The difference is that I am using an external USB DAC (Fiio E07k) on a Mac Mini. I thought the DAC was the issue, but it is flawless on other computers. The Mini has a 180GB Intel SSD and the original 500GB HD acting as a fusion drive. I'm wondering if it could be something I else I have connected that is causing the issue. 
You must be joking. They called it scaled down becasue it is. You think they magically designed a system that has all of the features of the current machine in a box a quarter the size? Where are the PCI slots? Where are the bays to install tons of storage inside the box? This box is more of a scaled up Mac Mini than a scaled down Mac pro.... it ignores all of the reasons that people wanted a Mac Pro in the first place.  Based on what? Just because Apple decrees something...
Here's another scenario that I haven't seen mentioned. Sharp has a 32" 4k monitor coming to market soon (http://uk.hardware.info/news/33070/sharp-32-inch-monitor-with-4k-resolution-costs-4500-euro). LG has a 30" 4k monitor coming soon too.  3840x2160 at 32"  is only about 135ppi (as opposed to well over 200 in other displays), but it's high enough that Apple might pass it off as a retina display if you sit far enough away from it. 
  I picked up a last gen 2.5Ghz i5 model with the Radeon refurbished on the Apple Store a few hours ago for $549. For that price, I'll willingly give up USB 3. Looks like it's sold out now though.
I find it absolutely shocking that Apple removed the optical drive and STILL doesn't have discrete graphics. Sure the battery is bigger, but the machine doesn't get better battery life. 
I was bitterly disappointed to see that Apple is using the Intel Graphics in  lieu of a discrete card. I was all prepared to order a new Mini on the spot, but given that I don't use USB 3 at all, and I would rather have a discrete card I didn't. I ended up picking up a last gen 2.5 with the Radeon for $549. 
I think it's safe to say that every major move that Apple makes for the next three to five years was carefully planned by Jobs before he died. Apple purchased all of the mapping companies long before he left the company, and we all know how he hated Google. It's a pretty safe bet that Apple would have done this sooner or later, but I'm not convinced that the product as it stands right now would meet Jobs' exacting standards, so it may not have happened in this OS release. 
What most people seem to be missing is that as a retina display it will be used to make normal sized images sharper, not everything four times smaller. As a result, windows manufacturers don't have an easy recourse to copy the display because windows isn't resolution independent.
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