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I have actually gone into Microsoft stores a few times-- generally to look at server offerings and gain some knowledge there. Needless to say, they don't actually have any of those products available or hilighted in the stores. If you are going to have a retail presence, at least highlight your range of offerings, especially the things that keep you in business!!
No, Apple's earnings assume paying US taxes on international profits (less international taxes).The only impact is that cash allocated for paying taxes when profits are repatriated partially goes to paying Irish taxes.
Not really, it just pushed up premiums slightly. Mini's were still available.Apple did everything right; it just didn't make a difference to the markets. At this point, I think they should start an investment bank to rival Goldman. Since that is really stupid, the stock must go up...
All stocks are manipulated, get over it. (Buyback a and to some extent dividends are also manipulations.) AAPL is grossly under-valued because there aren't more buyers at higher prices. A big part of this is market cap, but a bigger part is generational: 20-30-somethings aren't putting as much money into stocks like the generations before them... while the baby boomers move money to cash for retirement. If you want to do something about it, encourage your friends to...
Go into iTunes, view purchase history, and click "report a problem." Request refund.
Right... but their recommended installation procedure is to hook the optical cable to the TV output and not to any component.
Ditching optical out is a logical step. The future is things like Sonos Playbar rather than a dedicated receiver. The 10/100 Ethernet and lack of 4k do surprise me though and this price point.
1.6 lbs... not ideal, especially when you add in the cover. Oh well... I imagine I will still buy one...
Same boat. No SSD yet, but that is coming. What do you gain upgrading wifi/bluetooth? Still quite happy with mine... if Apple would just fix the preview app anyway.
Good Reader is perhaps the definitive app for enterprise functionality; you can access SAMBA shares, ftp/sftp, mail, dropbox, webdav... and mark up PDFs, view photos, etc. I wish Apple would buy them and really market the product, because people just don't understand what it can do; it is effectively the app that defines use of a tablet over a more clunky device.
New Posts  All Forums: