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Presumably they knew there was a very high risk that they would not get payment. But, creating a run in the stock would destroy any chance in getting funding, which would eliminate a chance of maximizing shareholder value. Their fiduciary responsibility is for timely disclosure. That is not real-time.Small cap stocks are a high risk game for a number of reasons. You got burned... learn from it and move on, unless you now own 10% of the stock ($5MM), in which case you...
Sure you do, if you miss your liferaft in cashflow. The purpose of bankruptcy protection is to allow a company to continue operation when its cashflow and balance sheet have a problem, but the underlying business model and prospects are solid.
One simple market demographic: Fitness. How many people wear a heart rate monitor when they exercise? What percentage don't? Why? For most I know, it is because the chest strap is a pain. A good heart rate monitor is $200, so the addressable market of a $400 Watch is likely the top 10% of the heart rate monitor market. Guessing, but that should be a good 100MM there, so you would need about 10% for 10MM units from this demographic.A lot of other potential...
1. Your 4S is a 3-year old model now. Not expecting some reduced performance is really your mistake, not Apple's. Closing all the apps and rebooting the phone may help, but the phone has half the memory of the 5. (My 5 is fine speed wise.)2. The lack of supply is due to the damn scalpers. Hopefully when sales open in China the market for scalping will be exhausted and the problem goes away.3. As pathetic as it is, you aren't going to get a brand spanking new Apple...
It depends on if you believe that an installation without the extra tools is at risk. It isn't just the terminal; it is anything that can spawn a shell like Perl or even startup scripts.
It is a difference between UI and server in my mind. Based on the "servers" I have dealt with in the past, the price point is going to be closer to $200. I also see the server as being the gateway device, rather than an endpoint in the network. Easier to make remote access work securely.
The AppleTV could make a good hub, but quite honestly an AirPort is a better gateway. The challenge for me is that I use Insteon which still needs a powerline modem with 900MHz wireless. I doubt that it makes sense for Apple to integrate that functionality into their products; not sure if even ZigBee would make sense.
Well, physiologically, if you let the temperature drift up as your metabolism slows your body is fine. Ideally you would give yourself a half hour to fall asleep and then let temperature slowly raise a few degrees. You might also have non sleep areas on a separate thermostat which will now be unoccupied...
Won't the software patent validity issue resolved by the Supreme Court work in favor of Apple on this one now?
The grid has two parts-- generation and distribution. Unless Apple has a bunch of Sodium-Sulphur batteries with MWh capacities then they are likely more dependent on the distribution portion of the grid, even if they offset a good portion of the generation end during the day.I don't mean it to belittle Apple's effort, but it is the interconnection that makes solar and wind viable; trying to do energy storage to be truly independent of the grid adds huge costs.
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