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Report from one of the analysts that iPhone numbers will disappoint. The only thing that I can imagine justifying this level of a drop is if Apple actually misses their own guidance. While I am not a fan of engineering results, with the measures they have in place already for buybacks I would think they can get the EPS in-line. Apple basically guided for a low-end EPS of $8.85 and a high-end of 9.87. The street is still averaging around $10. So, if Apple didn't...
I much prefer the notion of nervous apps afraid they will be relocated to a less desirable position, or worse, be deleted to "jiggle mode."
And so, electronics stores become more and more like Department Stores... further trivializing their existence. Great for Samsung, though; they can try and cross-sell the washers and dryers with their latest phones and TVs.
If they have the aquifer, it is a shame to use the water for evaporative cooling rather than ground-source heat rejection. That is a big loss of water for communities downstream. Hopefully there is much more to it than identified in the article... As for why not use a cooler location, there are a number of issues to balance, including power cost and availability, network, utility reliability, natural hazards, human hazards, road access, access to staff, cost of land,...
You have first sale rights with physical media, but for whatever reason we lose that with digital downloads.
Oh... how does iCloud support email for domains? Do tell!Other services... right... I'll get right on having IT switch our company from gmail to ...something else... so I can still get push mail on my iPhone. I'm sure they will be happy to oblige!These things have a huge impact, and it is idiotic to think that there are trivial work-arounds. The problem isn't Apple, it is the core of what these "cloud" offerings really are-- a ploy at lock-in.
It would make most sense for them to be BSD rather than Linux on Intel, but from what I understand they use mainly big-iron-- IBM, EMC, Oracle, etc. Supposedly a large part of their storage runs MS Azure, but that seems odd. I am surprised that they haven't rolled more of their own solution from the ground up, but they seem to be under more time-to-market pressure.They are likely at about 22 square feet of raised floor per rack and 1 square foot of raised floor per 2...
Apple had a substantial data center in Napa before Newark; I want to say that was a 1993-94 build. They got out of that site around 2000 if I recall correctly. Of course, that would have been mostly for corporate data and not external-facing.
That is for the old style. The screws have moved from being at the 1:00 position in the older generations to being at the 3:00 position in the current generation, so you can't access them without disassembling the computer.Take a look at the current generation iFixit photo: http://guide-images.ifixit.net/igi/MwjRqELAmH4KPMUQ.large
Nice move. It wasn't that hard to do from what I can tell; it just needs to be screwed in from inside the enclosure. Aesthetically it would have been cool for it to all be integrated into the case... but it is hidden by the arm so who really cares. Wish it was available at retail (prefer to buy in-store for big things), but at least I don't have to switch to a MacMini for my needs.
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