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Too expensive! Wow. I have a 64GB iPad which is getting pretty full, but an extra $430 from the "base" price is just too much. Not quite sure why the base model is still 16GB (especially for the iPad), and I think it is good to up the maximum storage... just think the price needs to be a little more grounded for people to be able to justify upgrading later on.
Well... I'm disappointed. I was over-confident given the Verizon numbers and a sense of growth in China. I am excited about the iPad number though. Doesn't look like Apple will be above $600 any time soon... but I don't worry that they won't be back above $500 shortly. I guess you have to have a capitulation for things to turn around...
The real opportunities for Apple may well be outside the realm of industrial design and more in the areas they faltered at in the past. The loss of Forestall, Fadell, and others may not be that material in that arena, and I don't think it is really where Ive shines.
Units Apple Ships to Verizon are "sold" by Apple. Units sold by Verizon (or Apple direct) are sold to end users. The delta between what is sold to Verizon and what Verizon sells on is channel fill. Unsold units at Apple are not counted as sold. The 6.2MM number is very promising, as there should also be some channel fill adding to that.
It's really iPhone Meth... for the crack heads that think it will happen.
I actually have to side with you on this one, at least on the surface. The opportunity with Macs is to go against all of the cloud BS and manage things on your own. Paying $10-20/month for an online storage system is silly if you have a fast pipe and unlimited data on your internet pipe... but, it saves the hassle of dealing with local security. (Instead, it gives up any and all sense of security on the shared data.) Arguably, Apple should focus on an appliance line of...
That statement makes me wonder about two things: 1) is it actually true, and 2) what in the iPad mini would constrain production?The only option I can see for production constraint is if Apple didn't think anybody would actually buy it, so they limited production significantly. That would have been a major blunder. The screens are "nothing special," and should have been in ready supply if other manufacturers were able to build quantities of tablets.Shipping times at...
In a single-tier arrangement they can take advantage of both the profit margin and the default risk, arguably even bricking a device that is in default. In a real great scenario, they would even link everything back to an iTunes account to cut out the credit card companies altogether. Curious how the accounting works for this kind of thing though (if you don't do it through a subsidiary)-- are we back to subscription-based accounting?But, reading the headline, I did have...
Hopefully, the newer items improve margin for Apple. Hopefully, they shed the most expensive supplier as other suppliers have ramped up to meet demand at Apple's target price.
Read the post above yours. There are three basic ways to make money on the stock market: Bulls, Bears, and Volatility. The volatility players are neither bulls nor bears, but take advantage in any swings, effectively amplifying them.I'm torn as to what the stock market should be... if anything. It's a great way to change the value of your net worth... just no telling if it will be up or down.
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