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There is clearly room for improvement in iOS. Some decisions that were clearly made in order to create an app marketplace have outlived their useful life. Others that force a rigid structure on use of the operating system (lack of spring board settings as an example) do limit functionality for the users who want it. The need to do an unsupported jailbreak to satisfy the desires of 15-20% of your customer base is idiotic on Apple's part. It is not the Apple Fans that...
I would say investors have listened (far too much historically) to Apple's guidance-- but that Tim Cook hasn't sand-bagged numbers quite as much as Jobs did in the past. But I am not quite sure if anything really matters with regards to Apple's stock now. They did a dividend, they have shown consistent growth, they have 25% "cash" on the balance sheet, they continue to design and sell products that sell in huge numbers... Quite frankly, the past three months has been...
It is a trick in the supply chain management to get manufacturers to invest in capacity. Since they were using multiple suppliers, they likely cut out the OEMs with the highest cost and/or lowest quality.
Possibly, at least in title. Oppenheimer has a lot on his plate.
Incorrect. Verizon unit is a different model than AT&T version.
Not entirely. N-Enabled access points not made by Cisco and a few of the other major vendors have plenty of problems with Macs... as well as current iPhones and iPads.
I really hope Apple's next Airport Extreme supports an iOS-compatible VPN. It is really a pain that you have to use a computer to do it now... or buy a Cisco ASA.
The position of the ports actually works reasonably well blind from the front. It could be better, but you don't necessarily have to look to plug things in-- it is about a finger length up from the bottom edge.After checking on the VESA adapter... my mind is blown. I have no idea why they would give up that feature. It might only be important for 5% of purchasers, but those people could well be pushed away from Apple.
I keep my iMac about 8" above my desk with a Humanscale arm. That arm was the whole reason I ditched the laptop and went iMac; it placed the computer at a useable height for me; the factory stand is just too short. I would be quite surprised if the VESA mount adapter doesn't work anymore, but anything is possible.Incidentally, the reduced weight of the new model makes it much easier to use with an arm. The old unit weight was right at the threshold for being able to be...
Apple could make a great 5-6" iPad with phone features, priced in the $750 range off-contract that would sell well. But what would it do to iPhone and iPad sales?The problem right now with the iPhone is advertising. Websites (including this one) place far too much modal information on the screen, limiting useful space for browsing. This is where the Blackberry failed in 2006-- not being able to read enough of an article due to limited (effective) screen real-estate. ...
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