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That statement makes me wonder about two things: 1) is it actually true, and 2) what in the iPad mini would constrain production?The only option I can see for production constraint is if Apple didn't think anybody would actually buy it, so they limited production significantly. That would have been a major blunder. The screens are "nothing special," and should have been in ready supply if other manufacturers were able to build quantities of tablets.Shipping times at...
In a single-tier arrangement they can take advantage of both the profit margin and the default risk, arguably even bricking a device that is in default. In a real great scenario, they would even link everything back to an iTunes account to cut out the credit card companies altogether. Curious how the accounting works for this kind of thing though (if you don't do it through a subsidiary)-- are we back to subscription-based accounting?But, reading the headline, I did have...
Hopefully, the newer items improve margin for Apple. Hopefully, they shed the most expensive supplier as other suppliers have ramped up to meet demand at Apple's target price.
Read the post above yours. There are three basic ways to make money on the stock market: Bulls, Bears, and Volatility. The volatility players are neither bulls nor bears, but take advantage in any swings, effectively amplifying them.I'm torn as to what the stock market should be... if anything. It's a great way to change the value of your net worth... just no telling if it will be up or down.
There is clearly room for improvement in iOS. Some decisions that were clearly made in order to create an app marketplace have outlived their useful life. Others that force a rigid structure on use of the operating system (lack of spring board settings as an example) do limit functionality for the users who want it. The need to do an unsupported jailbreak to satisfy the desires of 15-20% of your customer base is idiotic on Apple's part. It is not the Apple Fans that...
I would say investors have listened (far too much historically) to Apple's guidance-- but that Tim Cook hasn't sand-bagged numbers quite as much as Jobs did in the past. But I am not quite sure if anything really matters with regards to Apple's stock now. They did a dividend, they have shown consistent growth, they have 25% "cash" on the balance sheet, they continue to design and sell products that sell in huge numbers... Quite frankly, the past three months has been...
It is a trick in the supply chain management to get manufacturers to invest in capacity. Since they were using multiple suppliers, they likely cut out the OEMs with the highest cost and/or lowest quality.
Possibly, at least in title. Oppenheimer has a lot on his plate.
Incorrect. Verizon unit is a different model than AT&T version.
Not entirely. N-Enabled access points not made by Cisco and a few of the other major vendors have plenty of problems with Macs... as well as current iPhones and iPads.
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