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All I can say for GOOG is "Look Out Below!!" Here's to hoping that my shares get called away at $850!!
I'm still amazed by the number of people that have dedicated smart phones for personal and business use. There is a good chance you will actually see market contraction. Most people I see are split BB and iPhone.
Good point, although it doesn't tell us if the mobile advertising market is going to expand or stay flat.Google is a good technology proxy for Apple, so if you are going to sell AAPL, GOOG is likely to be purchased with about 70-80% of the money. I'd guess AMZN would get 10%, and maybe CRM would get 5%. The remainder might be taken off the table or find a different sector.I think GOOG is grossly overvalued personally, and wouldn't be too sad to unload if my covered calls...
I appreciate the dilemma; the 4/4S is a beautiful phone, and there are things I do like about the design more than my 5. However, Siri, thinner, better camera, and out of contract makes upgrading a pretty logical choice.For me, it is funny that I can have trouble finding my 5 in my pockets. It isn't as heavy and noticeable as the 4, so it really seems to disappear. My biggest complaint is simply needing to buy 4-5 extra lightning cables. I am not ready to upgrade my...
For Apple, the board needed to see the iPhone. It was a huge and material shift to the business, it would require substantial R&D expenses, it would have a major impact on an existing product line, and it would require substantial corporate ties to other businesses for a long-term. For most things, I would think of it as more of a courtesy than anything else, to show where progress is going. The CEO gets all the details, but the board has to have enough to know that...
I really hope someone comes up with a full business in a box-- integrate a NAS with wifi and VPN, and modular apps for things like inventory, services, payroll... that isn't an over-priced cloud solution. One-man consulting/service businesses are a great target, but many other small businesses make sense too. This could work really well for kiosk operators.
Apple, Inc. hacked.
I wonder if it is a strategy to limit the market figuring things out in low-volume after market trades, especially in a major options expiration week. Nice seeing AAPL recover some... would be nicer to see it at $700 though...
They are getting return off the international holdings, and using it to add value to the company. The one thing they cannot use it for (without paying taxes on the profits) is paying a dividend or investing in US operations.It isn't like it is sitting in some cocaine dealer's attic being eaten by rats. It may not be optimally deployed, but it is being invested.
It is a very good thing if you want the company to not be beholden to anybody else. It is a good thing if it is accurately reflected in the stock price.It starts to be a bad thing when investors don't see it as a source of value, especially when that trend accelerates with a declining PE and increasing cash horde.
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