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Apple, Inc. hacked.
I wonder if it is a strategy to limit the market figuring things out in low-volume after market trades, especially in a major options expiration week. Nice seeing AAPL recover some... would be nicer to see it at $700 though...
They are getting return off the international holdings, and using it to add value to the company. The one thing they cannot use it for (without paying taxes on the profits) is paying a dividend or investing in US operations.It isn't like it is sitting in some cocaine dealer's attic being eaten by rats. It may not be optimally deployed, but it is being invested.
It is a very good thing if you want the company to not be beholden to anybody else. It is a good thing if it is accurately reflected in the stock price.It starts to be a bad thing when investors don't see it as a source of value, especially when that trend accelerates with a declining PE and increasing cash horde.
Personally, I value Woz' opinion on the matter, and do think he has good insight. The iPhone may be a little behind Android on several areas, but honestly I think most of them fall under the category of tweaks. Where Apple needs to move the ball is really cloud services and Siri. (Oh gawd... i actually said that!) On the "cloud services" side of things, they need to keep improving the integration between/across devices for a user, family, group, or organization. They...
Does that apply to offshore holdings though? The on-shore money relative to the market cap isn't that excessive.
Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with the Preferred approach. A 4-5% yield and some potential for growth would make a lot of investors very happy. The non-preferred shares get the growth potential and the preferred gets the stable income. At the same time, Apple can horde the cash offshore and try to wait out a tax holiday or use the money for international expansion if they don't over-stretch their horde. 5% Doesn't seem like much of a stretch...
But that was before the iPhone actually shipped. I am surprised Cisco didn't have the trademark resolved.
Story is a little short on information; what did Gradient produce as an iphone prior to Apple's trademark request in 2006 up until the release of an android handset in 2011?
Pedestrian-friendly crosswalks? What... are they going to put up gates to prevent cyclists from barreling through? Used to pass by there on my ride to work every day; can't think of any other Apple stores in similar types of settings though. It is high traffic area, but not what I think of as a big computer shopping neighborhood, and a quick Muni ride to Stonestown from right out front.
New Posts  All Forums: