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They likely had planned to shell at least half the building and finish it out as they "grew into" it. That drives cost up dramatically. I believe they also added another structure to the campus that wasn't originally part of this phase of construction.The biggest impact though is likely to be the 2-year delay in breaking ground, as the economy has picked up significantly.
Generally speaking, once you hit a certain point it isn't worth it anymore. A project like that is going to have a 3-5% profit margin for the GC; it can be erased rather quickly with liquidated damages or withheld payments.To be honest switching contractor between Core and Shell and Tenant Improvement phases is generally not a big deal. For fast-track projects they are likely negotiated separately as refinement of the TI package does not happen until well after breaking...
Giant caveat on the iBooks "settlement;" isn't the appeal still pending which could eliminate any settlement for the states?
mm = millimeters. MM = thousand x thousand in finance.
Hard to consider 81% eroding market share; seems more like a lack of a catalyst to reduce the replacement cycle, unlike the Windows tablets and to some degree Android offerings. In my book, that is mostly a healthy market. Personally, I would love to upgrade my iPad Air 128GB/LTE, but can't justify $830 for a touchID sensor. For me it would take 256GB at the same price point to move the needle. Slower refresh cycles make them much more attractive for business though! ...
Pretty skeptical about their numbers. My UPS driver had delivered 30 sport watches by 1PM on launch day, and I got the impression it was a similar number of Stainless watches, although their package shape was less distinctive.
It is ambitious. With enough manpower, they can easily work on two segments at a time and shave 5-6 months, but you have all the parts to make it work. For buildings like a high-rise, you generally stagger critical component manufacturing delivery times because there isn't enough staging space on the jobsite. This just-in-time strategy makes for more efficient material handling, but if deliveries are spaced to once per month it can limit progress.The project could have...
While I have a browser with AdBlock and NoScript on my iPad, it isn't practical for most users.
12/31/2016 would be pretty ambitious still for full occupancy of the spaceship. They appear to have just finished the structure for one segment out of 12 or 16; The curtain wall would take about a month (optimistically) from that point, and then they have a cold shell. Getting to a warm shell is another month, and then you typically have about 4 months of interior fit-out followed by a week or two for furniture installation. You could finish one segment per month...
Trading to make $500 is going to get you hurt long term. If you are taking those risks, why not buy $70 or $100 calls (1/2017 expiration) instead? You cut your capital exposure in half, or give yourself the chance to double returns for the same capital, and only marginally higher risks.(Taking my advice to extreme will also get you hurt, but losing 10% to commissions isn't helping yourself.)
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