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Just one more useless data point, but I love my iPad and it works in ways that my 6 (or a 6+) never could. It also works in many ways a 12" tablet never could-- it fits into my generic portfolio along with a notepad and other materials. It also does things a laptop doesn't work well for. Today I was at multiple job sites. My iPad was my camera, 30x42" drawing viewer, VPN gateway, file server gateway, note editor, and a few other things. The form factor is perfect for...
Still doesn't explain MSFT being at a P/E of 30 while AAPL is at 13. MSFT has interesting opportunities, but they are all priced in at 30.
And therein lies the problem for upward momentum of AAPL: Everybody is overweighted already. I have about 75% of my holdings in AAPL, and in aggregate it is leveraged 2:1 (a 10% movement in the stock price translates to a 20% movement in my holdings). My next largest holding is only about 5%, and most are closer to 1-2%.Institutional ownership of GOOGL is 82%; AAPL is 62%. Without institutions picking up more AAPL, or Apple buying back significantly more shares, it is...
Jan 17, $80. About a $4 premium.
Still a safer investment than GOOGL or most of the heated names. Picked up 5 LEAPs today, all I can justify. If the global economy improves (exchange rate impact) then there is a bit more upside potential, but right now I am not counting on AAPL seeing $135 again before next April.
Well, if it goes to $185 I might be forced to retire; I would start selling around $150-160 though. That said, I think Apple will be a $1T company. I don't think that it is going to happen as quickly as it should, but it will happen. They might get to a point where they want or need to spin off entities, or even make a very large purchase like a bank.
Specific to Hong Kong, a 10-minute walk with the heat, humidity, and rain can be quite challenging. 10-Minutes is also about the distance between two stations.In general terms though, a half-mile is about the comfortably walkable radius for most people.But, looking at the map I wouldn't say it is that bad of a location. I haven't been over in that area in a decade, but it is hardly off the beaten path.
They likely had planned to shell at least half the building and finish it out as they "grew into" it. That drives cost up dramatically. I believe they also added another structure to the campus that wasn't originally part of this phase of construction.The biggest impact though is likely to be the 2-year delay in breaking ground, as the economy has picked up significantly.
Generally speaking, once you hit a certain point it isn't worth it anymore. A project like that is going to have a 3-5% profit margin for the GC; it can be erased rather quickly with liquidated damages or withheld payments.To be honest switching contractor between Core and Shell and Tenant Improvement phases is generally not a big deal. For fast-track projects they are likely negotiated separately as refinement of the TI package does not happen until well after breaking...
Giant caveat on the iBooks "settlement;" isn't the appeal still pending which could eliminate any settlement for the states?
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