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The AppleTV could make a good hub, but quite honestly an AirPort is a better gateway. The challenge for me is that I use Insteon which still needs a powerline modem with 900MHz wireless. I doubt that it makes sense for Apple to integrate that functionality into their products; not sure if even ZigBee would make sense.
Well, physiologically, if you let the temperature drift up as your metabolism slows your body is fine. Ideally you would give yourself a half hour to fall asleep and then let temperature slowly raise a few degrees. You might also have non sleep areas on a separate thermostat which will now be unoccupied...
Won't the software patent validity issue resolved by the Supreme Court work in favor of Apple on this one now?
The grid has two parts-- generation and distribution. Unless Apple has a bunch of Sodium-Sulphur batteries with MWh capacities then they are likely more dependent on the distribution portion of the grid, even if they offset a good portion of the generation end during the day.I don't mean it to belittle Apple's effort, but it is the interconnection that makes solar and wind viable; trying to do energy storage to be truly independent of the grid adds huge costs.
The dividend is stabilizing, but not a sure thing to keep the stock up. We're at a P/E of 15.5 and a yield of 2%, so the stock is in a safe range. Honestly, I am mainly curious about how many shares they repurchased this quarter, as I figure it was the last good opportunity to buy heavily discounted shares before the announcement of last quarter's results.It would be nice to see AAPL at $125 though, although I am not holding my breath... all in due time.
It is also what the ยก tag is used for at the end of a sentence. Much less universal... goes back to the comment about insane people I guess...
I understand the frustration, but taking 1 is two hours longer than I-5. It is a shame you can't add a waypoint (like Santa Barbara) to force it onto a specific route and get times in a single shot, but it is substantially out of the way. (Since it is a common path though, I would expect it to at least be listed.)
The Apple way is to ask what types of plants you have and which zones, and get moisture and rainfall data.Home automation is hard, until you give people an easy way to see logical modes of operation and build that into your life. Lighting control can be pretty simple in terms of UI, but it takes a lot of complexity behind the scenes to make it work well. You need to know the balance of mood and function, and respond to ambient conditions. It all needs to be integrated...
Can they please bring back a VESA-mount retrofit (or integrated) option across the line!!
Every one I have seen has been money-losing. You can call it a marketing expense if you want, but it still doesn't change the fact that you provide a service for effectively zero gain. I'm not quite sure why any business would want to integrate themselves more into GroupOn's "system." Maybe some companies have figured out ways to really make it work, but not sure what industry they are in...
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