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Here's to hoping for a reasonably priced 1TB drive.
Are they doing this to mitigate currency risk on their holdings, or just to tap multiple markets?
Funny, these videos make me less interested in owning a drone rather than more. When I first saw someone flying a Phantom I had a period of a month or so where I wanted one as a bit of a toy. These videos with the fisheye lenses and jumpy panning effects limit my interest considerably though. Now, as a reward for watching the video I am getting DJI ads on every page I visit... Further turning me off.
It seems to be underway. The Manhattan Village Store used to be one of the worst I had been in, but they expanded before Christmas and really change the tempo dramatically.I generally don't like change, but I think the Apple Store motif is overdone at this point. The original clarity of the vision: iPods on the right, Macs on the left-- is gone. I actually wish they had more accessories; there are simple things that I need to support my computer that aren't easily...
Depends on what you are using it for. Time Machine is great for snapshots and version control, but when you look at things like the ransomware Bit Locker, that type of backup is useless-- you either need a pulled backup that your computer only has read-only rights to, or you need an offline backup like rotated USB drives.The GP sounded like his use was version control as it was a development machine.
I will admit I thought it was odd that there were no references to Monster when the Beats deal was announced; I thought they still had a stake in the company. BUT, the reality is that Beats of 2014 was purchased by Apple not for their hipster headphones, but for the curated playlists. Many analysts valued the headphone business at under $500MM, which basically makes it sound like Monster came out ok in the end. I'm sure they have some reasonable claim though; he should...
Does rotating the unit to portrait fix it? I have to do that on a number of Safari pages to get it responsive again...
Once they were sued they were obligated to maintain potentially relevant information until the close of proceedings.
So, in the spirit of random speculation, is the Manhattan Beach location going to move across the street to El Segundo in the new mall? It is supposed to have some very high end stores, and there is actually enough space for a reasonable store. Too bad pedestrian/bicycle access sucks.Santa Monica is closer and faster though from downtown.
I really love PCalc; it has to be one of my favorite apps. I wish it did TVM calculations gracefully, but even without it having a proper RPN calculator is so nice. Just the other day I was wishing Apple's awful calculator widget could be replaced by PCalc...Check out the Theodolite app; pretty slick...
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