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Seems contradictory to everything else coming out-- looks much more like 7MM 5S and 2MM 5C, and the channel sell-through seems to be exceptionally high. I imagine there could easily be 1MM 5C units stuffed in the channel, but that really seems like a longshot-- Apple would have needed to be disappointed with 5C pre-orders to do a stunt like that, and even then it seems uncharacteristic.
Any good ideas how to deal with speakers on an executive desk (center of office) with an iMac mounted to an arm? Every good solution I can think of would just be better with a different computer.
For listening to music you might have a case, but for Skype and FaceTime it is a PITA. I have resorted to a plug in speaker on my ipad in order to deal with the same problem-- sound is directed the wrong way. If it is against the wall it might not be a big deal, but that isn't everybody's need.
Yeah... that one is long overdue. Unfortunately, POP is also fairly heavily overloaded, with one acronym being Persistent Organic Pollutant... close enough to the colloquial POS for me.
Presumably this data is US-only, which doesn't mean that much to Samsung's overall strategy, or to Apple's growth prospects.
I've got one Roku and four AppleTV boxes. The Roku is just used for Amazon Prime streaming, but there really aren't any shows that are available there that aren't on Netflix that I watch. Roku is used maybe 3-5% of the time I use an AppleTV. But, one AppleTV is just acting as a digital sign, another is just used for AirPlay mirroring. Roku isn't really useful for either of those functions, so of course it is only used for streaming.
Yesterday was the first time I used my new Air in the office. I was amazed that after half a day's use (splitting time between it and my iMac) it was still at about 76% battery! It really is amazing.What blows my mind though is how poor of a job Apple seems to be doing at letting people know about it. It is very well priced (they should have the kitchen sink unit stocked in stores though), and arguably a much better value than the Dells our office buys.
What matters is the international mix, not the US mix. The US numbers are about what I was hoping for globally, which might not speak well for everyone. I wonder what percentage of people selected the 4S because of the dock connector.
There is a little line in the sand, though. As a simple example, I have hard-wired USB chargers (the combination outlet/dual USB ports that take the place of a standard duplex receptacle) in my home. These units need to be installed in accordance with the electrical codes (GFCI in wet locations, AFCI in bedrooms, grounding where required, etc.), and they should (by their UL label) be safe to use as class-2 power-limited power supplies. If there was a 120V potential...
While I understand the importance of this push, they really need to push again for Macs in the enterprise. It is the ecosystem that gives them long-term benefits. I blew a gasket when I found out how much our company was paying for Dell laptops when 80% could be done natively in OSX, at a comparable price with much better value. The best way for them to stave off Google is to offer a competing GMail for Enterprise. The price point shouldn't be that hard to match at this...
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