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If you use Mavericks and gmail (or mail hosted by Google) you lose IMAP read synchronization, serious lag in getting messages, and crashing. Quick view and calendar integration were made MUCH worse, and it doesn't really handle large mailboxes well.Before Mavericks, using gmail was a little tricky, especially things like archiving mail off.I personally need to keep mail and attachments for 7 years, which runs about 10GB per year. 18 months or so is in my inbox, while...
How about some specific problems that these options improve on? Will anything work better for managing 9GB of messages? Better search, preview, calendar integration, or does it just fix the fact that Apple Mail in Mavericks is a turd? Can they deal with old apple mail mailboxes? Pretty hardly seems like a relevant metric.
So any guesses as to their initial stockpile size? It seems like they had a pent-up demand for well over 100k units, possibly 500k. Would be great to see the Mac Pro maxed out for two quarters in a row. I do worry a little about the tax year spending getting screwed up though due to later deliveries.
edit... d'oh!
If there is no subsidy why are the plans so expensive?! It is amazing how bad a deal these providers are.
Two complaints: too expensive, locked in hue ecosystem. I have started using insteon in my apartment, and am reasonably happy. I spent about $500 to control 5-6 switches, and I have time-of-day and sunrise/sunset functionality, as well as a little more complex logic that factors in occupied zones. The products are FAR from perfect, and I wish they had easier ways of inexpensively controlling 10-20 very small low-voltage zones from one location along with better dimming...
When is Apple going to deal with overlapping markers on their maps? If you have a strip mall, all the stores are indicated at the same position, so you only actually see a single random store. This is my biggest remaining disappointment with AppleMaps.
Natural and to be expected, at least until Apple has a new game-changer. Arguably it is even better for Apple to share the wealth a little more, as it keeps others from wanting to compete in the same space. The only thing I would be concerned about is the stores starting to be a cost center (support) rather than keeping sales in-line.
Bad idea. Apple just needs to re-purchase sufficient shares to keep annual growth rates in earnings per share in-line with a random target. Reducing float by that much (by taking on debt and paying taxes you hope to eventually avoid) is simply stupid. Arguably what Apple should (and I think does) do is use their investment subsidiary to make strategic options bets for long-term share repurchase. Microsoft did this during the boom years, but I think more of it was for...
It's easy... Leaves... falling... fall... picking apples... AppleCider! Apple is starting a line of hard apple cider!!
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