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...and I still don't understand how she loops Apple into "collusion" when it is quite clear that negotiations were separate. The publishers were aware of the negotiations among their peers, and Apple was not hiding the fact, although there is no proof that they disclosed the exact terms they were negotiating between the various players. The OPPOSITE was actually disclosed, that the publishers were talking among each other, which in my simple mind would seem to prove that...
I still haven't seen a clear explanation of what it is that Apple did wrong with the e-book case. Apple did not have any monopoly power in their negotiations with the publishers nor was Apple proven to have facilitated negotiations between publishers. The opposite was quite clearly true; the publishers were colluding prior to Apple's involvement. I also fail to understand why the DOJ wanted to pursue Apple in the first place. Raising consumer prices does not make a...
What has GOOG written off previously for the acquisition? I would imagine they still have a good $5B to write down now.
Exactly. It blows my mind people on this site have such a hard time understanding this. Apple isn't Doomed, but AAPL isn't quite as clear.
I'd say it is more like an Apple Fanboy (like myself) always coming to the defense of the stock... and arguably not being able to see the forest from the trees.This week I am going to have to cut my position in half. It's a sad feeling, but being an Apple stockholder makes me do irrational things. Like not returning our iPads after the crashing problems or defending the iPhone when something else is actually better for a given person's needs...
Is that blind faith talking, or do you have a specific (financial) reason to believe that either Earnings will improve or investors will be willing to value it higher on a P/E basis? Me, I'm losing faith.
Sure. The "Market" believes that this is proof that the Steve Jobs Apple is dead. They don't see any growth in Apple's profits, which is fundamentally what a stock is valued at. Effectively every stock is valued based on the prospect for future profits. Past profits only provide an indication on track record, and cash and capital assets on-hand.An investor wants a positive return relative to a "risk-free" investment for holding a stock. That can be in the form of...
No, it seems more like the only way to reduce margins is to lower costs. It seems hard to "reward" Apple with the spaceship campus when revenue is essentially flat. At this point, the company is just worth its discounted free cash flow, and I am having a hard time imagining what can change that picture.Presently, Apple is valued at a 10.4% discount rate assuming flat cash flow for the next 20 years.
Ouch. Down 6% after hours... recovering slightly, but looks like Q2 will be flat compared to FY13. PE Stuck at 13 for eternity?
Just Safari for you?! I get 5-6 reboots a day on my Air. Almost brought it back to demand a refund.
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