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Have they fixed the battery issue where the unit just drops out of the sky without warning? Wanted to get one, but watching a $1200 toy drop into the ocean isn't really fun.
Huh.... Windows (phone) is a rounding error.
Well, Apple's highest profit-generating product is not expected to see sales growth or margin increases, so that isn't completely irrational. What they made already has been disclosed. What remains to be seen is what happens with the remainder of Apple's ecosystem.
I think there is a freeze period before the results are posted, but once information is public there should be no reason the CEO can't push for more aggressive buyback within the board-approved allowance. I'm not sure if they are allowed to make any transactions during the freeze, or if they can have algorithm purchases that are set prior to freeze.
So what would stockholders liked changed about the way Apple is doing business? Personally I would rather have the dividend boosted to 5%, which would provide a longer-term incentive than a single buyback. Right now though, I am getting prepared to write more calls to offload my stock. I just have too much in Apple at this point, and not enough confidence in where they are planning to go.
Boy, talk about suckers. APPL was de-listed a long time ago; they are still buying shares?! AAPL is likely a better investment.
...and I still don't understand how she loops Apple into "collusion" when it is quite clear that negotiations were separate. The publishers were aware of the negotiations among their peers, and Apple was not hiding the fact, although there is no proof that they disclosed the exact terms they were negotiating between the various players. The OPPOSITE was actually disclosed, that the publishers were talking among each other, which in my simple mind would seem to prove that...
I still haven't seen a clear explanation of what it is that Apple did wrong with the e-book case. Apple did not have any monopoly power in their negotiations with the publishers nor was Apple proven to have facilitated negotiations between publishers. The opposite was quite clearly true; the publishers were colluding prior to Apple's involvement. I also fail to understand why the DOJ wanted to pursue Apple in the first place. Raising consumer prices does not make a...
What has GOOG written off previously for the acquisition? I would imagine they still have a good $5B to write down now.
Exactly. It blows my mind people on this site have such a hard time understanding this. Apple isn't Doomed, but AAPL isn't quite as clear.
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