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Bad idea. Apple just needs to re-purchase sufficient shares to keep annual growth rates in earnings per share in-line with a random target. Reducing float by that much (by taking on debt and paying taxes you hope to eventually avoid) is simply stupid. Arguably what Apple should (and I think does) do is use their investment subsidiary to make strategic options bets for long-term share repurchase. Microsoft did this during the boom years, but I think more of it was for...
It's easy... Leaves... falling... fall... picking apples... AppleCider! Apple is starting a line of hard apple cider!!
Odd timing for the Pro. Most businesses don't spend much money on IT between November and early February due to their budget cycles. Small shops might for tax reasons, but it seems to be sub-optimal. Still holding out hope that it will come in at $2k in order to try and expand its market appeal; the market for a "tower" has dropped a lot since the G5 enclosure debuted.
The value of the remote is the biggest thing in my book, but a like-for-like comparison would be to a 16-channel stereo system where any source can go to any speaker. Plus, you don't need a computer running to listen to the radio.
That is where Sonos actually really shines. You can scatter speakers throughout your home, keep the volume low, and have nice uniform background everywhere (or different music in each room if you want). You can hook it up to your TV, the mac, or any internet radio service, with the sound going everywhere. All without speaker wires... and all easily controlled from your iWhatever.Before we got Sonos, my wife always had the television on for some background noise. Now...
Sonos is so much more than a bluetooth speaker. I've got a few Sonos units now, and this is a pretty cool option to expand the system. Might be just cheap enough to let one rot in the bathroom! My only complaint is that it doesn't have a speaker mount bolt like the Play3.
Why do all these companies insist on making it a cloud offering rather than supporting local access standards?! I want to VPN into my vacation home and be able to check the video from there... not use some made-for-idiots-that-don't-understand-security-or-the-implications-of-sharing-things-with-the-world device!!
It is just a prop. But, I have seen a pretty slick command center setup with about 20 iPads in a 120-degree arc two high (basically like the monitor mounts). Each ipad was running a full screen browser to access a backend WonderWare clone setup. The benefit was that multiple people could interact with it when needed, not limited to one keyboard or cluttered KVM setups. The downside was the techs had grease on their hands...
It's not that simple, unfortunately. There is the very substantial ideological issue that has a meaningful impact on how Apple conducts negotiations. The settlement issues are more minor and don't have a real impact on Apple, but the precedent this sets is simply not acceptable to them.
Seems contradictory to everything else coming out-- looks much more like 7MM 5S and 2MM 5C, and the channel sell-through seems to be exceptionally high. I imagine there could easily be 1MM 5C units stuffed in the channel, but that really seems like a longshot-- Apple would have needed to be disappointed with 5C pre-orders to do a stunt like that, and even then it seems uncharacteristic.
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