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The actual wording of the MFN is quite clear:All pricing power is in the hands of the Publisher, except the power of a retailer who is on a Wholesale contract. Once the wholesaler lowers the retail price though, they self-destruct since MFN customers can use that lower retail price (and still make a profit).Obviously, this gave an incentive to the publishers to limit access to hardcover new releases to retailers with an agency agreement... which is exactly where collusion...
I think there are two "fails" with the article: the idea of catching up you reference, and what is happening on the long tail. They basically combine into the reality that a developer cares about his addressable market for a specific app at a specific price. The problem for Android is the number of people that have little or no interest in buying apps. Many essentially have feature phones independent of what the phone is capable of.For the long tail, I would say you...
Without my 3G microcell I would be dead in the water inside my home, but I have noticed the carriers are adding micro-cells to power poles around the south-bay which is making marginal improvements; two bars where there used to be none.
You might try to report POI data to Yelp instead; they are the source of much of the data.
Thought they had a 20-year lease at One Stockton. One of my favorite memories of that location was its proximity to Moscone Center, and the crowds flocking over there from WWDC and MacWorld. You have a little hill to climb to get up to Post! Interesting that Niketown and Levis are both losing their leases.
On software patents:First define what with software is truly novel. Doing such-and-such in the cloud should be no different than doing it on the Internet, on the TV, or through the mail.Second, determine how you can make a "concept" patentable-- including processes, algorithms, and transformations. Patents are for embodiments of ideas, not the ideas themselves. The legalese of saying an idea is an embodiment of an idea corrupts this process.On litigation and the current...
$60B is about 6 days trading value spread over 400 trading days. If executed well, it can mess with HFT and Day Traders, but it remains to be seen how much it can impact market dynamics.
Fundamentally, it is hard for me to imagine that the tower concept will really survive long-term. The drive problem is solved with NAS; you can have a NAS box with whatever performance requirements are necessary for your task, and a price to match. You can also stick the NAS in a rack if need be. To me, it means that the pro box needs 10Gb networking or the ability to aggregate 2-4 interfaces.Does Apple really stand a chance in the $30k workstation arena?
The round glass is likely the only thing that has a huge premium for the project, unless they insist on having curved steel beams as well. In terms of form, they need a central "quad" either way, and rectangular would likely be too similar to 1 Infinite Loop. There is also something to be said about working in an inspiring environment.I worked on a building where the curvature of the exposed steel was "value engineered" out, and it really did destroy the beauty of the...
It was 80% because Samsung shot themselves in the foot with the early announcement... Next quarter the S4 is sure to be 80% and the iPhone 20%ยก
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