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Is that blind faith talking, or do you have a specific (financial) reason to believe that either Earnings will improve or investors will be willing to value it higher on a P/E basis? Me, I'm losing faith.
Sure. The "Market" believes that this is proof that the Steve Jobs Apple is dead. They don't see any growth in Apple's profits, which is fundamentally what a stock is valued at. Effectively every stock is valued based on the prospect for future profits. Past profits only provide an indication on track record, and cash and capital assets on-hand.An investor wants a positive return relative to a "risk-free" investment for holding a stock. That can be in the form of...
No, it seems more like the only way to reduce margins is to lower costs. It seems hard to "reward" Apple with the spaceship campus when revenue is essentially flat. At this point, the company is just worth its discounted free cash flow, and I am having a hard time imagining what can change that picture.Presently, Apple is valued at a 10.4% discount rate assuming flat cash flow for the next 20 years.
Ouch. Down 6% after hours... recovering slightly, but looks like Q2 will be flat compared to FY13. PE Stuck at 13 for eternity?
Just Safari for you?! I get 5-6 reboots a day on my Air. Almost brought it back to demand a refund.
The analyst numbers are bunk and all, but it seems like 60MM units still isn't much in the way of growth. I would have thought 65MM would be a more reasonable expectation, but it doesn't look like that is in the realm of possibilities at this point. My logic, which is completely unscientific: ~37MM units in 2012FQ1 out of contract + Blackberry's collapse + increasing smart phone penetration. Really though, I think the iPad numbers will be more important for the stock. ...
In fairness, Maynard is likely just saying what all the others on Wall Street are thinking, and it does help the average investor understand why the stock moves after earnings announcements. It is counter-intuitive to most investors that the stock moves down on good earnings. The reality is revenue keeps going up, but profits are growing much more slowly (if at all). Fortunately for AAPL, they have easy comps for the first two quarters of FY14. Unfortunately, the...
If you use Mavericks and gmail (or mail hosted by Google) you lose IMAP read synchronization, serious lag in getting messages, and crashing. Quick view and calendar integration were made MUCH worse, and it doesn't really handle large mailboxes well.Before Mavericks, using gmail was a little tricky, especially things like archiving mail off.I personally need to keep mail and attachments for 7 years, which runs about 10GB per year. 18 months or so is in my inbox, while...
How about some specific problems that these options improve on? Will anything work better for managing 9GB of messages? Better search, preview, calendar integration, or does it just fix the fact that Apple Mail in Mavericks is a turd? Can they deal with old apple mail mailboxes? Pretty hardly seems like a relevant metric.
So any guesses as to their initial stockpile size? It seems like they had a pent-up demand for well over 100k units, possibly 500k. Would be great to see the Mac Pro maxed out for two quarters in a row. I do worry a little about the tax year spending getting screwed up though due to later deliveries.
New Posts  All Forums: