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Just wanted to point out that the photo is of Daisey, not Ira Glass. This is Ira,
The top 20% of America's wealthiest own 85% of America's wealth. The remaining 80% of Americans own 15% of America's wealth. And yet you consider unions to be leeches. How do you manage that?You don't get to call them thugs, Steve Jobs doesn't get to call them thugs. Your lack of perspective disgusts me. Do not pretend that the fight against unions is a fight for democracy. The contradiction in terms is appalling.
Good question, the iMacs average refresh cycle is 228 days, and we are at 206 days right now. Internal components on the iMac are very similar to MacBooks, so we should expect sandy bridge to make an appearance. However, Apple in recent years has moved to a yearly product cycle on many products including iPhone, iPad, iPods, and now MacBooks. It's possible they might not update the the iMac/Mac Pro desktop line until June, around WWDC. Personally, I would prefer Apple to...
"Not all" will be effected seems to imply that the next 13" MacBook Pro won't include Sandy, which is going to upset me. I have a white Macbook from 2006 that has a 2.0Ghz Core2Duo Apple, I do not want to buy essentially the same processor 5 years later. Also, I still call BS on Intel's claim that only ports 2-5 are impacted. How convenient that out of the 6 SATA ports, the 2 most commonly used are magically OK, thus avoiding a full recall.
I've got a 2006 white Macbook 2.0ghz C2D woth an 80GB hd.... I'm thrilled to get something new. My power adapter failed a few months ago (second one probably, first out of pocket) and my battery just made the big system switch from "healthy" to "needs replacing." I'm not at the "battery critical" stage yet, though. Cant justify $80 on the adapter and then $129 for a new battery, so I would like them to release in the next month or two (which I know they will.) My battery...
I have been in the market for a new Macbook for about 6 months now, but I am happy to wait until April. I know that the Macbook Pro cycle is 208 days, and we are at 288 now. Frankly, I would like to see Apple move to a yearly product cycle in all of their channels. That way I know exactly when an update is coming and can plan accordingly.I don't like the specs game, and I think we should move past it. Don't get me wrong, I used to be very guilty of it. Specs in the "pc...
Um, the blog links to a half dozen threads in Apple Support forums where a whole bunch of people are reporting the same problem/solution. I have Comcast, they update their servers regularly in my area, and I rarely have DNS issues.
Apple has not updated the Macbook Pro line is 248 days, so an update is certainly coming. By February, they will be 10 months old. If they didn't change them until june, 14 months old. I've been telling everyone to wait until February, which is when I expect at least an update, but probably a re-design. Waiting until June/10.7 would mean the current generation of MacBook Pros would be 14 months old, which would probably be the longest cycle in company history.
Wow! I can't believe you still use the 12.1" aluminum powerbook! Thats freakin awesome! That was far and away my favorite mac, but I replaced it with a white 2006 macbook. So I thought I was strange using a 4 year old computer, but you are still all the way back to the PB12! This makes me happy.
No firewire though, so no final cut pro work on the road. Just like the current MBA unfortunately. Obviously major editors don't care, but for someone like me who is a student taking a course, it would have been handy. I suppose I can still edit once I put clips onto a USB thumb drive.
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