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What I'm amazed at is how no news outlet brought this up during Q&A. How is that not the first followup question? "You talk about AppleCare phone support, but not about in-store customers, do you have a sense of how many people have come to the store to complain?"
So you and Jason Snell are both wrong? At the press conference there was a giant screen that said "0.55% Percent of all iPhone 4 users who have called about antenna or reception"http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/16/l...ss-conference/
People are "fucking idiots" for looking at ads? I'm confused.
I just got Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac from school after first trying Open Office (runs terribly on in MAC OS), then I stuck with Neo Office for over a year. It was good, not great. Office 2008 can get sluggish, which is annoying. But yeah, its much more compatible with Windows folks, and does a better job at grammar and spelling I've found. I have Office 2007 on my PC at work, and I actually like it a lot. I do not like the separate window that floats around in...
Is this competition for Apple TV? Apple TV connects to the largest online TV/Music/Movie media store in the world and where users can buy content direct. Your Apple TV can replace your cable subscription. Google TV, if I understand correctly, connects to the internet and to a cable box, and does not sell any content to users. You can consume A) free web content or B) content from your cable subscription. This does not, in any way, replace your cable subscription. They...
What site? The only people to report on the direct contact with Apple was Gizmodo, who never once reported that Steve Jobs personally called them. I don't get why people (aka you) feel the need to make stuff up.
Google, Google, Google, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!
K, actually Jon Rubinstein was in charge of the iPod team at Apple and hired Tony Fadell on as part of the engineering team. That team designed the iPod in-house. Apple has made 22 acquisitions in 30+ years, the least out of any of the largest companies in the world, and definitely the least out of all major tech companies. By comparison, Google has made over 100 acquisitions in 1/3rd the time, including Android.
I'll take the Super iPad HD Magnum XL Extended Pleasure Edition of Plants vs. Zombies plz.
Avon revenue fiscal year 2008 was $10.7 billion, significantly larger than Amway and Marykay.
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