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Console makers are not making "real" money except Nintendo. Microsoft and Sony game divisions are still a long long ways away from recouping their initial investments. I also can't think of any other industry that sells hardware at a discount in order to sell software, can you? The PC industry is based on hardware sales.
Motorola does well with a massive ad blitz for a product launch in a month where their competitor did not launch a competing product? People vote with their checkbooks, though. We'll see.
There is no data anywhere to suggest the primary reason of iPhone purchases are for the gaming capabilities. Second, Apple brought game developers in to build apps for the iPhone since BEFORE it was debuted on stage. Those same developers DEMOED their games, and continue to do so at every iPHone event. Give us the full transcript of the Apple executive quote, and I dont think there will be any hint of "embarrassment."
No thanks. You should write to all websites you use that require flash and tell them that there are about 50 million people using mobile safari alone that can't properly access their page (like the majority of mobile browsers). Then tell them that the most popular websites in the world have either eliminated flash entirely - opting for open and more efficient web standards instead - or at least provided suitable flash alternatives that do not sacrifice user experience....
Responding to the part in bold above: Books are expensive because the market is tolerable of it, not because the authors are getting rich. These are required readings. Students have to buy them. Thus the high prices and the extremely wealthy publishers.
Ahh, you can include students in this pricing. Meaning I can go buy it at my bookstore, get all updates in a year, and keep it when I leave school. So if a school purchased a 500 site license of the Mac Suite (Mac OS X + iWork + iLife) for $14,999 then it would only cost $29.99 per student. That means iLife + iWork are free. Right now as a student, that would cost me $171 buying it through my bookstore or the online education store. Thats a huge savings, especially...
A joke? Those dont ship for a month and they are not "well under 2k." The price is estimated $1700-1800.
I think thats well said. the EULA is sticky though, as judges have gone both ways on it. I think the adaptation/reverse engineering clause is the most solid. To my knowledge, there is no hardware system currently in existence (other than a Mac) that you can stick a retail copy of OS X into and install it. Which is why Psystar requires you to buy OS X with your order, and then they install it for you. What i am really curious about is if the EFI(Firmware) is shipped in the...
The judge is an idiot. Snow Leopard was excluded from the discovery period because it was an unreleased version of Mac OS X that Pystar was NOT shipping. There was nothing to discover. Previously, for every version of OS X that Pystar has shipped, Apple has amended its complaint to include that version without issue. Now that the discovery period is over, Apple is not allowed to add Snow Leopard to that list? Snow Leopard doesnt count as "Mac OS" or "Mac OS X" as are...
Dear Palm, I would like to run WebOS on my iPhone. Plz release asap. Thank you.
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