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Not sure if this will help, but flip4mac has a Snow Leopard beta version out. Just look for the snow leopard picture on their website.
I'm going to set up a company that makes cheap hardware and installs operating systems including those running on the XBOX 360, PS3, PSP, Wii, DS and Web OS, Blackberry OS and anything else I can get my hands. How does that sound? Apple does not license Mac OS X to any company, identical to every operating system mentioned above. No consumer is confused by this. The operating system is called "Mac OS X" indicating that it runs on Mac systems; Macbooks, iMacs, Mac...
No, Apple is not "hyping" this up. They don't do that with pending lawsuits. And if you havent heard, Apple is one of the most recognizable and most successful companies in the world (fan or not.) The majority of updates do not require restarts. When they do, it is because a core service is being changed and cant be overwritten while you or another program are using it. It also installs much faster and reliable when all non-essential services are closed. This is the...
Palm OS has not been owned by Palm for 7 years. They didnt make an effort, sold it off, and the new owners didnt do much more; Palm certainly never game them a reason to. It's been kept alive by 3rd party developers for the last decade, effectively. As the article mentions, those same 3rd party devs will keep you going if you get 10.6. This was not a blow to Palm. They want you to buy a Pre. They own and want to sell you Web OS.
[QUOTE=Virgil-TB2;1468780] Software is more like a book or a painting. It's not a thing that you buy, but a work that you licence the right to reproduce. In this case it's also sold with the explicit understanding, (by way of the license you agree to when you buy it), that it won't be used in certain ways. /QUOTE] Actually, it is both an explicit and implicit understanding. If you paint a painting or write a book - published or unpublished - your ownership and...
Apple has not sold 1.5 billion Apps, they have distributed 1.5 billion Apps. It is quite reasonable to assume that an overwhelming majority of those are Free apps. Do the math. Lets say, for simplicity sake, Apple sold 500 million Apps, and gave away 1 billion for free. Lets say the average free app is 5 mbs. Thats 5 billion mbs of bandwidth going through Apple and AT&Ts networks. Imagine what 5 billion MBs cost. Also imagine that NOBODY USES PARENTAL CONTROLS.
otherwise known as a plant or "puff" piece.Yeah, I don't think so. Puff, fluff, puff. Better. batteries.
The discoloration issue, or the overheating issue? There is, of course, a difference. If it was the discoloration issue, as implied by your statement, why on earth didnt you take a picture?
The original post makes zero mention of what methodology will be used to enable the iPhone (or any other phone) to charge via microUSB. You are making assumptions, andGizmodo has the same exact question as me. Is the dock connector gone, or is it a supplement? That has not been specified by anyone.iPhone capacities are 8/16/32gb and hold music, movies, pictures, etc. Google sync is not the answer, for many reasons. I do use Googles exchange offerings, but that doesn't...
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