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Err, the article states almost word for word what you claim Microsoft has already said. The only new addition is that Verizon might be the carrier, and microsoft might have some say in hardware design. The article still clearly states - just as you did - that a 3rd party is ultimately building the phone.Microsoft already does every single thing mentioned. They make windows mobile software running on 3rd party phones. This article mentions touch screen phones. It is not...
I don't know about anyone else, but i'd probably do the same thing. Jobs started the company, they kicked him out believing he would not help them. Thats one big breakup. They promptly tanked, while Jobs continued his forward thinking plans (ergo NeXt aka Mac OS X). Apple, floundering, decided to bring him back - and he wanted back. He kept 1 share of the company, and after helping to restore Apple to one of the most successful companies in the world, he wanted a...
You can only use 3 of the 4 GBs of ram in the HP laptop featured in the commercial, did you realize that? Why would HP include ram that windows cant even use? Why does microsoft want you to buy it?I think once you answer the above question honestly, you'll realize how snarky you ended up.IMO, of course. Heh. p.s. The Windows security and PC repair industries are a multi-billion dollar a year segments. 'buy a cheap pc, steal software from dad' argument = not so good.
I think its stunning! The hardware bits i'm not sure I like completely, but the OS is exquisite. Nothing is a call to arms against the iPhone, but this is the first legitimate contender. Nothing else has even come close. Watching the demos simply amazed me. They made the iPhone OS look dated for the first time ever. webOS is beautiful. Once this hits Verizon, this should brother the iPhone as one of the top phones in their market segment. Dear RIM; get...
Man, that took a lot of effort. If those people are "fanboys" then what are you?Also, contrasting the speculative opinions of thousands of people and comparing it to the record of one person is not a very strong strategy. Apple isn't going to Macworld because they no longer release products based on trade show dates. Trade shows elevated Apple in 90s and 00s, and the press loved it. Now, Apple can overflow it's own press theater whenever it wants. This means Apple can roll...
Yeah, i'm really confused on that as well. Is it because earlier leopard verions have to get other updates that cant be packaged together with 10.5.6?
Yes, thats because Sony owns huge pieces of the blu-ray technology......... everyone else seems to be having a hard time getting profitable licenses. Imagine that.
Writing a piece of software that circumvents a portion of someone else's software, while still taking advantage of that developers services (e.g. accessing their servers to stream podcasts) is like parachuting into your neighbors shed. Its private property. No matter how you got there, its trespassing.
FYI The page this article links to at the apple store is bizarre. Note that it lists the iPod touch as starting"From $279." Thats a glitch left over from the black friday site and does not appear on Apple's regular store link. Appleinsider should probably update their link, i'm not sure how they even got this one. Talked to Apple, thats the only way they could explain it.
Hey, thanks that was really good info. Whats confusing though is that they have the YouTube player on the phone/touch and we are able to browse and watch movies. But the actual youtube pages in safari cant display the videos. Whats the reasoning for that?
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