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I wonder if a new version of flash means anything for the iPhone/Touch Safari browser. I know they have indicated its coming, and I wonder if this means its nearly time. I hope so, it would only add to the continued awesomeness of the devices.
Can I be the master of the obvious for a second? 1) The person who "found" the "bug" says it has existed since Mac OS 10.3. So why has it been around for years but nobody has noticed? 2) Because apparently nobody is stupid enough to press COMMAND and then drags things (while losing connectivity to the drive.) 3) When you drag any file to an external drive, without pressing any key combination (the logical way) it copies the files to the external drive and preserves...
I agree it could be "double" but not "more than" as I said.
"The figure is more than double the 19 percent who said they had gained interest in purchasing a Mac" 37% is not "more than double." 19x2=38. 37% is "nearly double" or can perhaps be rounded to double, but it's not more than. Sorry, research student, like to point this stuff out. You were talking about the stat provided later in the article I assume. Misleading presented that way.
FOX NEWS ALERT: APPLE USERS ARE TERRORISTS. Next up on the O'Reilly factor we are going to discuss why those commies over at Apple Computer should be banned from all air travel. Hey, don't feel bad! If Steve Jobs is such a smart guy then maybe he can build an iPod that can fly them all to Cuba so they can give Castro mouth to mouth.
Go us! I am a government employee (student working...) So now I will tell people the tax dollars that we got from fining Apple pay my wages. But seriously... thats hilarious that they didnt file for 4 years? Wow.
Apple Records was a subdevision of EMI, so how is that significant? They make money because they own rights to creative content not created by them. How is it sad that the younger generation doesnt know that? Apple Records won 80% profit on all Beatles sales in court when the Beatles broke up, so how does that make them any less greedy or unimportant than any other record industry today?
I think if they could produce more without high risk or high cost then they would... supply and demand is not a simple thing at all. As for the logic about retailers: Obviously if apple is feeding its supply to its retail stores and not getting much to CompUSA, then obviously the Apple Store is pushing the supply to its limits. Apple wants you to buy the product at CompUSA too, but obviously if supply is short they would prefer their stores too have them in stock....
New Posts  All Forums: