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I would think that the real issue is not that we're dealing with fingers, but that there are no double taps to interact with a web user interface element on the iOS platform. Double tap to zoom is an interaction with the viewport window, not an interface element (I don't believe that web site developers can write an interface element that responds to double tap on iOS, since the browser would intercept those events to treat them as a zoom request from the user).
As an added feature, the iPhone watches to make sure you actually do the task before removing the reminder. Maybe you weren't carrying your phone when you picked up the filters?
That's a bit of a strange way to say it. DST will "have an effect" very soon in the US. "Take effect" is usually reserved to point to the beginning, or reinstatement of something, not the fact that it is ending. At any rate, what a frustrating bug. I rely on my phone every morning for an alarm, so I'd be pretty annoyed. I would imagine this is probably not a bug for the end of US DST, but if it is, here's hoping they get it fixed in the next couple weeks.
I'm glad to hear it has helped someone. Maybe it's both a software issue and then also a hardware problem for some?
Really annoying. I hope everyone will take the time to go to support.apple.com or bugreport.apple.com to make sure it registers with them that this does not fix the proximity sensor issue. I'm really frustrated that they would hold this out there for people--I'm sure some people have even bought the phone trusting Apple's word that they'd be fixing the problems. You really have to question their testing process when a "fix" is released for this high profile issue without...
Yeah, I've held off complaining, because of NDA, but the proximity sensor on iPhone4 is still terrible. You move it just a little and the screen comes back on. On the plus side, it's a fun game of roulette to see if I'll figure out why the other person suddenly can't hear me before they hang up. Or, to sometimes discover that I'm in the middle of adding another person to the call.
I believe they said 2 weeks
So the iPod comes with a dock with an IR sensor? THAT'S new. And big news. Does the dock also do video out?
I used the service whenever my DVR would miss a show (scheduling conflicts, power outages, or DVR errors). Well worth the $2 to quickly, conveniently, and legally get a show of decent quality that I could watch on the TV with my wife.
Ah covet mode. What's the command line for that again? I think I'd like to enter covet mode tomorrow too.
New Posts  All Forums: