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Actually, the new MacBook Airs that were just released are quad core machines.
Don't you mean iPhone Scotty?
iTunes is already not a spreadsheet. It's a database. Sorry to be all technical, but a spreadsheet and a database really are two very different things. As to the lagginess, I suspect it's because iTunes uses plists to store its data. With a plist, you have to rewrite the entire file back to disk every time you make a change to it, such as when the play count is incremented. And you know that iTunes database file can get pretty big. I'm really hoping iTunes will be...
There. Fixed it for you.
That's one of the things that makes it better than a PC.
That's a really good suggestion. You could also get an AirPort Express which is very portable. It would cost a little extra, but you wouldn't have to recreate the network every time you want to use it.
The camera connection kit which I mentioned earlier would allow you to physically plug a USB flash drive into the iPad. After that, the issue is whether the iPad has software that can use it that way. Perhaps there is or will be a 3rd party app that can read and write to USB flash drives. As for the micro USB connector, I'm not sure you would need an adapter. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a cable that terminated with a micro USB connector.
What other device do you want to connect your iPad to? The dock connector cable lets you connect to your computer. The camera connection kit has 2 small adapters that let you connect a camera or plug in a SD Card. Either way there is only one cable involved and it's the one that came with the iPad. More info is needed if your situation is different than what I have guessed.
Going from a single core A4 to dual core A5 in a completely redesigned outer shell and with 9x better graphics performance is a "spec bump"? Really?With AirPlay, AirPrint, iDisk, Drop Box, etc, why do I need all those ports again?That allows you to grip the device without blocking the screen and without unintentionally interacting with it. Don't those two available Android tablets (Galaxy Tab and Xoom) have large bezels? Are they comical too?Does anybody even make a...
iOS is OS X so of course it is quite capable of multi-tasking. And the multi-tasking capabilities of any OS has nothing to do with whether it can take advantage of multiple CPU cores. I can remember back when I first got to use Windows '95 which did multitasking pretty well even though multi-core CPUs weren't available yet.
New Posts  All Forums: