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Silly Technocrats Fumbling Unaware?
The quote from Avie is quite vauge and without much context. Minor updates have already slowed down, then there are the software that is part of Mac OS X and updated (Safari, iApps etc). I'll believe it if Apple either annonces it has abandoned their decade old annual OS release strategy or ships Tiger in 2005. Barto
I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
Why is KDE's Konqueror so fast then? It runs in userland.
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Agreed 100%. The thing that pisses me off most is iDisk support. Using my iDisk in KDE on Linux is fantastic, it's like a slightly slow local drive. In the Finder, CRUNCH. WTF Apple? You product works better on Linux than Mac OS X! Fix it! Barto
They actually say desktop MP3 and movie player... meaning some crummy software app. Total utter scam. Barto
You were right, hehe. Vector Linux rocks.
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