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Sounds good.
He was probably just bored.
Well, Hillary had some good one-liners..
Pretty much.The universe is, uhh, rather big (Link, link), so the idea that out of all that we are the only time intelligent life has ever developed seems pretty unreasonable.We just haven't found each other yet. (Fermi paradox? What Fermi paradox?)
I like how they totally ignored her and went on debating about the healthcare thing...
My favorite word is "change." Oh wait, no it isn't. Okay, my high score is 48; who can beat that..
http://www.aclu.org/freespeech/gen/3...s20070809.html Outrageous.
She hasn't been President before, has she? Guess the Constitution agrees with my thoughts, too.So are all the Democratic candidates. These two just happen to share the same last name.Okay, so. The Constitution says nothing about this. The Constitution says that one person shouldn't be in power for too long. Whether or not you consider two people "similar" or not has no bearing on anything. But even so. Even if we pretend for a moment that two separate people are in fact...
This is not necessarily true. If a person is a good ruler, and people keep voting for them, why shouldn't they stay in power for a long time, or at least until people stop supporting them, and stop voting for them? Does a good ruler become a bad ruler after being in office for a certain length of time? How long is this period of time? Sounds like a useful thing to know..So since someone else in her family also happened to be President at one time, this impedes her ability...
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