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Just this morning I started a book called "Spin." It is a pretty good sci-fi novel so far. It begins with some kids looking up at the night sky, only to watch as the stars all go out. The rest of the book is apparently how Earth tries to figure out what has happened, and how it will affect them.
I just read the book and then watched the movie immediately after finishing the book. That is the best way to go, in my opinion. I think you understand parts of the movie better if you've already read the book, and also the book relies heavily on plot twists to keep your attention, so already knowing what happens will not serve you well.
Sorry for not clarifying, what I meant by my comment was that they would have been better if they hadn't been teen books at all. Read as teen books they were fine, but they had potential to be much deeper books, and this potential was not tapped, since they were teen novels. My opinion is that they should have been written as adult novels, and expanded.
Hm, that's an interesting thought, I hadn't considered that. I dunno though. The scene in 1984 in Room 101 where they are "teaching" him that two plus two equals five, that scene frightened me. The Uglies trilogy didn't have anything that made me think really hard, or scared me like 1984 did.Though perhaps the Uglies books might have had that if they had been written better..
Yeah, I read that entire trilogy and was duly unimpressed with each book in turn. The concept was okay, but it fell prey to the same curse which afflicts most of teen literature, in that it was just too simplistic and predictable.
She puts the kid on the stove. It was awful. The book basically consisted of graphic descriptions of all the crap he has had to endure. It had no character development, which was what I wanted out of it. I wanted to understand why the mom acts the way she does. Why the father just sits by and watches idly, doing nothing to help. But I got none of that out of this book. It was just gross violence.
Ugh, I just finished "A Child Called It" by David Pelzer. It was a rather brutal description of the abuse he went through as a child. Anyone read it?
Wow, that sounds great. Will look for it next time I visit a bookstore.
Maimezvous- just finished that book you were talking about, The Prestige. I liked it a lot, but didn't like the supernatural piece with that teleport machine. It didn't seem to fit, somehow.
John Grisham is good.. What's the other one about?
New Posts  All Forums: