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It looks like the sort of book that uses a lot of words to say nothing. But I shall probably read in anyway, just to get a clearer picture of what Obama is like. I know very little about him.
Is that a book about the basics of InDesign? That's some good software..
Great book. You read Animal Farm?
I flipped through iWoz at Barnes & Noble the other day, it seemed mildly entertaining but I wouldn't buy it until it's out in paperback. As for the Steve Jobs book, I haven't read that one, but found "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs" to be an interesting and well-written biography of him.Not sure about the Audacity of Hope, is it interesting? I don't really know very much about Obama and would be interested to learn more..
Yeah, Ender's Game was good too. Apparently there's a movie of it in production. I think it would lend itself rather well to a movie.
I liked the whole trilogy, really. Think Speaker was first tho..
How about Orson Scott Card, anyone read his stuff? I am reading "Magic Street" right now, and in the past have liked "Speaker for the Dead."
Ack.. Sorry.. \
I find they fit together quite nicely, actually. Both talk about how you can accomplish anything you want to if you have the drive to do so.
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