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I didn't say it was easy. But it can certainly be done. Many people just sit in poverty and live off the free money I give them through taxes. That bothers me. As for those who actually do have the drive to escape poverty, they can do it, and will eventually earn their own money, without having to mooch off me. You accuse me of using underestimating the difficulty of escaping poverty. But aren't you overestimating it?
That sounds mildly entertaining.. Can you elaborate on this a little?
You have to look at WHY they are poor.
Well, it's just- I don't even KNOW these people, I never will. Shouldn't their FRIENDS, their FAMILY, be the ones to support them if they need support? Why should MY hard-earned money be spent on some random person who lives across the country? And anyways, it's not all disabled people. What about all the people who are just lazy? They are perfectly healthy and COULD get a job, they just DON'T.
It's just annoying. There should be a way to click on a button and remove a program. I shouldn't have to manually delete all its components.
Ugh, I'll tell you what Windows feature Apple needs to implement.. The Add/Remove programs tab. I am sick of having to manually delete all the files when I want to uninstall something. I know, some apps come with their own uninstallers, and there are third party apps like AppZapper that can do this for you... But why hasn't Apple made one built in? They've been making operating systems for decades and they can't come up with a simple uninstaller? Is there a reason...
Interesting, I didn't know that. Those publishers ruined what could have been an interesting antithesis to "An Inconvenient Truth" and turned it into a very forgettable thriller. I have no idea whether any of the stuff Michael Crichton says about global warming is true or not, but it would have been interesting to read if it were a novel with lots of research, etc. As it was, he couldn't include very many graphs, statistics, research, as he had to waste space crafting a...
Ayn Rand's writing is not awful, but certainly not great either. Her characters are cardboard, and her plots are just average. As for her philosophy, Objectivism, I'm still mulling over it. I think I agree with most of what she says, but I only just read Atlas Shrugged two months ago, and haven't had enough time to ponder it yet. I like the idea of a society where people get what they earn and nothing more, nothing less. It seems silly to me that we pay taxes to give...
State of Fear was interesting, but the plot was basically just an excuse for him to express his ideas about global warming, and since it was presented as fiction you were less inclined to agree with it. I think the book would have been better off as nonfiction.
Ah.. How so?
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