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Wait, that is a book? I had no idea. Shall go purchase it immediately.
Oh, is NEXT good? I can't decide if I want to buy it or not..
I know! Gizmo sucked, but HiTech and DrawingBoard were AWESOME. Compared to OS9, OSX is a HUGE step backward so far as appearance customization. Apple really needs to give us at least SOME options...
In a word: Firefox. http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ However, if you want something slightly more streamlined and Mac-like, there is Camino: http://www.caminobrowser.org/
Okay, we have a music thread, but we are sadly lacking a books thread.. This can be books you absolutely love and can't resist shoving at other people, or whatever you are reading currently. For me, at the moment I am reading "Tricky Business" by Dave Barry. It is really rather awful. Some better books that I have loved in the past are "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand and "Illusions" by Richard Bach. These two books are my Bibles. I live by them. Anyone else read...
I think someone else has been watching too much The Passion of the Christ..
So you're not saying the keyboard as an input device is dead, just that it will become digital rather than analog. It will still be keys, and not something else (eg, voice input) but will be on a digital screen rather than physical keys. This would offer a few advantages, though not exactly be a revolution. I think this video show a good example of such a technology (keep in mind this was BEFORE the iPhone): http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=23071
Apple would be far better off just making the Mac less laughable as a gaming platform than actually creating a new product. Still, an Apple console would be awesome..
Sure, but max the RAM.
Why wouldn't it?
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