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I will assume that by "Front Row" you mean "Dashboard." If so: Open up Terminal. Type in this: defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES Now log out and log back in again. Once you log back in, you should be able to bring up Dashboard, and then while you are dragging a widget around, hit F12 to close dashboard, and you should still be dragging that single widget around, and it will stay on your desktop, even when the rest of Dashboard is gone. That work?
If you need it now, then get it now. You can always upgrade to Leopard later if you want. If you have another computer to use in the meantime, then you might as well wait a few months for Leopard.
So how much do you wanna bet Windows Vienna will have 1024x1024 icons...
What, you have a Core Duo? Whoa, that SUCKS. Better replace the entire motherboard before random people on the street start laughing at you.
256x256 icons. Woot.
I quite agree.
Actually the subtitles didn't bother me after the first five minutes or so. I just got used to reading them, and barely noticed it wasn't in English for the rest of the time.
No. Just no.
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