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i have no firs hand knowledge but from what I hear Apple pays pretty well. Not the best, but certainly above "industry standard." They also are known to pay considerably more to certain people they see are deserving and cant lose or pass up.
then don't make uneducated comments such as this
I believe it has been said by Apple that they have a single year deal that they have renewed once already and soon again. Each time it is renewed, the process starts over. Hence, the changes in the DRM last year.
1. Find official word, on Apple's website and in the package of the mac mini that it is user upgradable for me. 2. Dispute the fact that 256MB is not usable 3. Dispute the fact that Apple demos all machines in their stores with a minimum of 512MB RAM if not 1GB. 4. Dispute the fact that prying open a case is not "an easy" and straightforward process. Especially when there is no documentation provided with the product about doing so. Dispute the fact that there are no...
yes, that whole part about shipping with 256MB standard in a single slot. The machine being highly recommended to be brought in to be updated and no word on whether its officlally allowed to upgrade yourself. the fact that an upgrade is neccessary straight out of the box. and don't tell me its not. even apple knows it. here's some advice, go see how much ram any apple demo model has in their own stores. or how about the fact you have to waste 256MB RAM you just paid...
name em.
yes, the mini is an excellent product. and it really hasn't been marketed at all. I really hope Apple has plans to attack at this part of the market. They have a decent first entry. Now they need to expand, market and improve upon. As good as the mini is, I have a hard time recommending it because of the RAM issue.
maybe because Tekserve is a horrible store for purchasing, especially for first time buyers and switchers. tech support, yes, they are amazing. professional purchases...very helpful and well trained. newbies and pc users no.
Thank you. Saying Rush is preferable to or better than Neil Young and not admitting Neil's talent and great work is simply asinine and pathetic. [groverat edited this post for obvious reasons.]
that's the spirit!
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